Who is Ashwin Mehta?

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Who is Ashwin Mehta?

Ashwin Mehta is a very well-known and reputed lawyer in India.

Ashwin Mehta is also the brother of the late Harshad Mehta, who did the 1992 scam.

Biography & Early life:

  • Ashwin Mehta is born in the Rajkot district of Gujarat.
  • He was born to Shantilal Mehta and Rasilaben Mehta.
  • In his family, there are four siblings, Harshad Mehta, Sudhir Mehta, Ashwin Mehta, and Hitesh Mehta.
  • Harshad Mehta is his elder brother, and he was born a few years before Ashwin Mehta.
  • Ashwin Mehta has spent most of his childhood days in Borivali, Mumbai.
  • His father had the business of textiles, which was not that big.
  • Both the brothers, Harshad and Ashwin, had faced serious financial issues in their childhood and that had pushed them to do something big in life.

Ashwin Mehta’s Net worth:

The net worth of Ashwin Mehta is reported to be approximately $4 million, which comes to around Rs. 20-30 crores.

Name:Ashwin Mehta
Net Worth:$4 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees:20-30 Crore INR
Salary:3-5 Crore +
Monthly Income:25-30 Lakhs +
Date of Birth:June 6, 1956 (Rajkot)
Height:1.72 M (5′ 8″)
Info Source: www.google.com

Birth and educational qualifications:

  • Ashwin Mehta is born on June 6, 1956, in the Rajkot district of Gujarat.
  • Currently, his Age is 66 years old.
  • He is a very educated person.
  • He has completed his high school studies at the Holy Cross Byron Bazar, which is located in Mumbai.
  • Following that, he obtained an LLB from one of Mumbai’s law schools.
  • His mind was extremely sharp and he also used to handle all the sundries of Harshad Mehta.
  • He is also married and has children.

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Professional life:

  • Ashwin Mehta had to suffer a lot in his early days because of a lack of money.
  • But things immediately took a reverse turn when his brother, Harshad Mehta, entered the stock market.
  • Ashwin Mehta, along with his brother Harshad Mehta, engaged themselves in the stock market, and then they started making a huge amount of profits.
  • After quitting the stock market because of the 1992 scam that was done by his brother, Harshad Mehta, Ashwin Mehta became a lawyer.
  • He also had a degree in LLB from the Law College of Mumbai.
  • He earlier used to serve his brother as a legal advisor and also handled almost all of his affairs.
  • After the death of his brother due to the scam, his family went into serious allegations.
  • Due to this, his main focus was on proving his entire family innocent.
  • Also, it took him almost 17 years to completely prove his family innocent.
  • During the scam of 1992, he also lost his brother, Harshad Mehta, who died in jail in 2001 while serving his imprisonment.
  • Currently, he is serving as a lawyer in both the Mumbai High Court and the Supreme Court.
  • He is also a businessman and a stock broker.

Ashwin Mehta, brother of Harshad Mehta:

  • Harshad Mehta is the elder brother of Ashwin Mehta.
  • To overcome the financial crisis of the family, both the Mehta brothers decided to do something different.
  • Hence, it was Harshad Mehta who was the mastermind behind entering the world of the stock market.
  • Both the brothers made huge sums of money after entering the stock market world.
  • There were also times when they made money through illegitimate means.
  • This went on continuously, and hence one day, Sucheta Dalal unrolled the great scam of 1992 that was done by Harshad Mehta.
  • Previously, as well, both the brothers had to serve a few months in prison because of their faulty means.
  • But when the 1992 scam was unraveled, Harshad Mehta was arrested.
  • In the year 2001, he died in prison while he was serving his imprisonment.
  • It was Ashwin Mehta who took the responsibility for his family.
  • There were several court cases, like civil as well as criminal cases, that were filed against their family.
  • Ashwin Mehta was a lawyer. He fought several court cases for his family single-handedly.
  • He also paid about Rs. 1700 crores to the banks to clear the name of his brother, Harshad Mehta.

Ashwin Mehta as a writer:

  • Apart from engaging himself as a lawyer, he is also an author.
  • He has written the most famous Gujarati book—”Chhabi Bitar Ni”.

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Actor Ashwin Mehta:

scam 1992
Image Source: https://www.sonyliv.com/shows/scam-1992-the-harshad-mehta-story-1700000292
  • When the 1992 scam was unwrapped, the entire country was shaken.
  • It was due to the fact that banks were also involved in the same.
  • To showcase the entire 1992 scam, there was a web series that was made namely: Scam 1992.
  • The web series was released on October 9, 2020, on the SonyLiv application.
  • This web series showcased the lives of both the Mehta brothers and how the entire scam was beautifully done.
  • The role of Ashwin Mehta in the web series is played by the Indian actor Hemant Kher.


We hope that the above blog has given you clarity about Ashwin Mehta, who is the brother of Harshad Mehta.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Yes, he is still alive.
Answer: The net worth of Ashwin Mehta is Rs. 20–30 crore.
Answer: Ashwin Mehta is the younger brother of Harshad Mehta, who did the great 1992 scam.
Answer: He is in Mumbai and is serving as a lawyer in the Mumbai High Court and the Supreme Court.
Answer: He was born in Peneli village in the Rajkot district of Gujarat.
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