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List of the Upcoming IPOs in India 2022

List of the Upcoming IPOs in India 2022: We are almost halfway through the year and when we compare the number of IPOs this year with that of the previous year, this year there are a very small number of IPOs.

Till today there are only 15 IPOs while for the year 2021, there were in total of 65 listings.

The reason behind the low IPO is that the market is not in the favour of equity investors.

And for this reason, also, companies are delaying their IPO.

The share price of the companies has also fallen post-listing for most the companies this year.

What is the meaning of “IPO”?

IPO stands for Initial Public Offer.

With an IPO, the companies come up for sale to the public by offering their own privately held shares to the public.

For an IPO, the company will need to file a DRHP (draft red herring prospectus) as well as an RHP (red herring prospectus) with SEBI for an IPO to change the identity of the company from Private Limited to Limited.

SEBI will then approve the IPO for the company, and then they can eventually go for the IPO.

After RHP, the company will decide the price band and the date on which investors can apply for the IPO via UPI or ASBA format.

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List of the upcoming IPOs in India 2022:

There are many upcoming IPOs in India to Post-July 2022 as well.

Here is the list of the upcoming IPOs that will hit the market Post-July, 2022:

Sr. No.Stock NameIPO size in crores
1National Stock Exchange10,000
2OYO Rooms8430
5Bajaj Energy5000
6Emcure Pharmaceuticals4000-5000
7SAMHI Hotels2000
9Bikaji Foods International1000
10VLCC Healthcare900
List of the upcoming IPOs in India 2022

#1. National Stock Exchange:

The NSE has already received approval from the market regulators to go ahead with the RS 10,000 crore IPO.

However, the company still could not launch the IPO due to the ongoing issues between the former MD and the CEO.

The NSE cannot list on its own exchange, so it is working to launch on the BSE and other international exchanges.

Investors can look forward to investing in such a profit-making company for their future prospects.

#2. OYO Rooms:

The company is very successful in its hospitality business and is also planning to grow further with its Rs. 8430 crore IPO.

With the current market condition, the company will be working on a smaller IPO size as well as a lower valuation.

The IPO will consist of a fresh issue and will offer sales from the existing shareholders.

#3. OLA:

The company has already delayed its IPO plans but is now very close to launching its own IPO.

The IPO is expected to come in July or may end up coming at year-end.

Ola is basically a competitor to Uber Technologies and now has plans to raise up to $1 billion through an IPO.

The company has also reported a profit before tax of Rs. 76.29 crores for FY 2021 on a standalone basis.

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#4. Pharmeasy:

The company received approval from the SEBI to proceed with its RS. 6250 crore IPO earlier this year.

The company is looking at the capital to repay as well as prepay the debt amounting to Rs. 2494.70 crores.

Pharmeasy is basically an e-pharmacy or a digital healthcare unicorn with an Omni-channel presence, which offers online medical consultation as well as door-step delivery of medicines and other medical devices.

The company planned to launch its IPO in February 2022, but due to the stringent market conditions during that time, the IPO got delayed.

The IPO may hit in July 2022, but as of yet the date for the same hasn’t been fixed.

#5. Bajaj Energy:

The company is one of the largest private-sector thermal generation companies in Uttar Pradesh.

The main business of the company is to develop, finance, and operate thermal power plants.

The company is planning to raise more than Rs 5000 crore through its IPO.

The IPO of the company will consist of both a fresh issue as well as an offer for sale.

The main reason behind the IPO is that the company is planning to add conventional power generation capacity to its business in the next few years.

#6. Emcure Pharmaceuticals:

Emcure Pharmaceuticals is the 12th largest pharmaceutical company that is based in Pune, Maharashtra.

The company is backed by the global equity firm Bain Capital.

The company has already filed for the IPO with SEBI in December 2021 for an amount close to Rs. 4000-5000 crore in value.

The issue will consist of the fresh equity, which is worth Rs. 1100 crores, out of which the company will use Rs. 947 crores to repay its borrowings.

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#7. SAMHI Hotels:

The company had a portfolio of 27 operating hotels with a total room count of 4048 as of June 2020 in India.

Most of the hotels run by the company are in urban centers like Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Pune.

The company has also already received approval from SEBI for an IPO size of Rs. 2000 crore.

This IPO will consist of a fresh issue of RS. 1100 crores and also an Offer for Sale (OFS) for the remaining amount.

#8. Boat:

The boat is a digital-first consumer products company and is also India’s largest digital brand in terms of revenue from operations for FY 2021.

The company is planning to launch the IPO in July with an issue size of Rs. 1100 crore.

The company has also reported profits for the last three financial years, and thereby, it has also grown at a very exceptional pace.

#9. Bikaji Foods International:

Bikaji Foods International is an Indian saviour and snack company that has received a green signal from SEBI to launch its IPO.

According to the prospectus, the public offering is a 100% offer for the sale of the shareholders’ equity, but the company will not receive any proceeds from the issue.

The IPO offer of the company consists of up to 29,373,984 equity shares whose value is close to Rs. 1000 crores.

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#10. VLCC Healthcare:

VLCC operates wellness and beauty clinics as well as skill development institutes for nutrition and beauty.

The company was planning to launch its IPO mid-year, as per the reports, and investors can expect the IPO to come in July.

The company is planning to raise between Rs. 850 crore and Rs. 900 crore, where approximately Rs. 300 crore will be the fresh issue and the remaining will be an OFS.


These are the most anticipated IPOs for the month of July. There are other companies as well who are planning to bring in IPOs, so stay updated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: The upcoming IPOs for the year 2022 are NSE, Bajaj Energy, Pharmeasy, etc. in the coming month of July.
Answer: Till date, the IPO of Adani Wilmar is the best IPO of 2022 because it gave a return of 120% so far since its listing in February.
Answer: NSE IPO was expected to come earlier this year, but now it has been postponed and it may come at any time in the year 2022.
Answer: Yes, there are other IPOs as well, such as TVS Supply Chain Solutions, Droom Technologies, Snapdeal, Penna Cement, GoAir, MobiKwiK, and ESDS Software.
Answer: Yes, IPO has always been a good investment for both the short-term and the long-term. Many companies have provided a huge return after the issue of their IPO.
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