Top Performing IPO’s of 2022:-

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Top Performing IPO’s of 2022

Which is The Top Performing IPO’s of 2022?:

What is an IPO?

An IPO is also known as an Initial Public Offer.

An IPO is an opportunity to pick up winning stocks and invest at a very competitive price in the shares of the future industry, which will provide valuable earnings by way of stock appreciation.

Why do companies offer IPOs?

Companies raise funds from the market via an IPO. The disclosure of the use of funds raised from an IPO should be mentioned in the issue prospectus.

The main benefits of an IPO for a company are increased public visibility and the opportunity to increase the company’s market capitalization.

The investor desirous of subscribing to an IPO gets an opportunity to buy shares and get a small stake in the company’s ownership.

What are the main advantages or benefits of investing in an IPO?

There are many advantages of investing in an IPO. The following are a few advantages:-

Buy Low, Earn High:

It is always true that the IPO price is always cheap when you are planning to invest in a small company that has the potential to grow big.

The main reason for investing in an IPO is that, in an IPO, the companies offer the stock prices at a discounted rate, which implies that later investment in the company might increase the share prices.

Meet your long-term goals: –

IPO investments, being equity investments, have the potential to provide huge returns in the long run.

These huge returns can help you during retirement or fulfill your needs.

Get in on the action early:-

After investing in an IPO, you tend to enter the base of the company.

An IPO is your gateway to rapid profit in the long run.

Greater price transparency:

The price of the stock is clearly mentioned in the order document.

The share prices after the listing of the IPO depend on changing market rates and the appropriate price that a stock broker could offer.

What are the types of IPOs?

A company’s stock is boosted when people start to buy its shares. There are two basic types of IPO. They are:

1. Fixed Price Issue:-

In a very simple layman’s language, a fixed price offering is known as the fixed price at which the shares of the company are sold to the investors in an IPO.

This fixed price is considered after considering all the qualitative as well as quantitative factors like the company’s assets, liabilities, and every other financial aspect.

This price is much lower than the market value and, hence, investors are always interested in this issue.

2. Book Building Issue:-

In this case, there is no fixed price but rather a price band is decided. This price band is basically within the range of 20%.

The interested investors can bid on the price they intend to pay and the number of shares they intend to buy. The final decision on the price of shares is decided through an investor’s bid.

The maximum price within the price band is called the “Cut-off Price”, and the minimum price is the “Floor Price.”

Top Performing IPO’s of 2022:-

Here is the list of the top performing IPO’s of 2022:

Company NameListing DateIssue PriceCurrent Price at BSECurrent Price at NSEBSE GainNSE Gain
Adani Wilmar LimitedFebruary 08, 2022230661660.70187.39187.26
Vedant Fashions Ltd.February 16, 20228661059.95106122.4022.52
Uma Exports Ltd.April 07, 2022685251.95(23.52)(23.60)
Ruchi Soya IndustriesApril 08, 20226501075107865.3865.84
Veranda Learning SolutionsApril 11, 2022137229.40229.7567.4467.70
Hariom Pipe IndustriesApril 13, 2022153202.2520332.1932.68
Campus Active wear LimitedMay 09, 2022292      328.7532912.5912.67
Rainbow Children’s Medicare LimitedMay 10, 2022542479.90480(11.46)(11.44)
LICMay 17, 2022949752.95753.10(20.66)(20.64)
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services LimitedMay 20, 2022630548.50549.75(12.94)(12.74)
Delhivery LimitedMay 24, 2022487503.20503.203.333.33
Venus Pipes & Tubes LimitedMay 24, 2022326330330.051.231.24
Paradeep Phosphates LimitedMay 27, 20224242.7542.801.791.90
Ethos LimitedMay 30, 2022878778.80780(11.30)(11.16)
eMudhra LimitedJune 01, 2022256256.35256.500.140.20
Aether Industries LimitedJune 03, 2022642788.15789.3022.7622.94


We hope that the above blog gave you a quick overview of the recent IPOs and how they are performing on the stock market, specifically on the BSE and the NSE.

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