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“BSE India | Bombay Stock Exchange” established in year 1875.

As you know that in India, there are major two stock exchanges where all the trading or investing purpose are fulfilled.

They are National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Major of the equity, futures and many securities are traded on these major stock exchange in India.

So, you know that BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange and through this article on “Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE India) ” you will get to know about history and many more details.

And if you want to know more about National Stock Exchange (NSE) then you can our blog on “NSE India”.

Okay, so now let’s directly into the article.

BSE India|Bombay Stock Exchange

The Bombay Stock Exchange was the first stock exchange in Asian and was established in year 1875.

This stock exchange has maintained the growth of the Indian Corporate sector by providing them to make it efficient for the platform of capital-raising.

Now, let us check the history of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE India)

BSE India - Website
Source:- BSE India Website

BSE India History

BSE India (Bombay Stock Exchange) is the first stock exchange that was established in 1875 and the country took the permission from the recognition under the Securities Contract Regulation Act, 1956.

From the past 143 years, this stock exchange is making the capital market efficient and more number of investors are all also part of it.

Let us see the milestone BSE india has achieved from the past 143 years in the Indian Securities Market.

BSE India – Milestone

9TH July, 1875The Bombay Stock Exchange was established previously known as “The Native Share & Stock Broker’s Association”
2nd Feb, 1921Clearing House started by the Bank of Nation
3st Aug, 1957BSE granted the permanent recognition under the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act (SCRA)
2ND Jan, 1986S&P BSE SENSEX, country’s first equity index launched
10th Jul, 1987Investor’s Protection Fund (IPF) was introduced
3rd Jan, 1989BSE Training Institute (BTI) was inaugurated
25th Jul, 1990S&P BSE SENSEX closes above 1000
15th Jan, 1992S&P BSE SENSEX closes above 2000
30th Mar, 1992S&P BSE SENSEX closes above 4000
1st May, 1992SEBI Act established
29th May, 1992Capital Issues (Control) Act repealed
1992Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) was established
14th Mar, 1995BSE On-Line Trading (BOLT) system was introduced
19th Aug, 1996First Major S&P BSE SENSEX was revamp
12th May, 1997Trade Guarantee Fund (TGF) was introduced
21st Jul, 1997Brokers Contingency Fund (BCF) was introduced
1997BSE On-Line Trading (BOLT) system was expanded nation wide
22nd Mar, 1999Central Depository Services Ltd. (CDSL) was set up with the other financial institutions
1st Jun, 1999Interest Rate Swaps (IRS)/ Forward Rate Agreements (FRA) was allowed
15th Jul, 1999CDSL commences work
11th Oct, 1999S&P BSE SENSEX closed above 5000
11th Feb, 2000S&P BSE SENSEX crosses 6000 in intraday
9th Jun, 2000Equity Derivatives were introduced
1st Mar, 2001Corporatisation of Exchanges proposed by the Union Govt.
1st Feb, 2001BSE India Webx Launched
1st Jun, 2001Index Options Launched
4th Jun, 2001S&P BSE PSU index was introduced
15th Jun, 2001WDM operations were commenced
2nd Jul, 2001VaR model was introduced for margin requirement calculation
9th Jul, 2001Stock Options was Launched
11th Jul, 2001BSE Teck was launched and India’s first free float index also
25th Jul, 2001S&P BSE Dollar 30 was launched
1st Nov, 2001Stock Futures was launched
29th Nov, 2001100% book building was launched
31st Dec, 2001All the securities turned to T+5
1st Feb, 2002Two way fungibility for ADR/ GDR
15th Feb, 2002Negotiated Dealing System (NDS) was established
1st Apr, 2002T+3 settlement was introduced
1st Jan, 2003India’s First ETF on S&P BSE SENSEX –“SPICE” was introduced
16th Jan, 2003Retail trading in G Sec
1st Apr, 2003T+2 settlement was introduced
1st Jun, 2003Bankex was started
1st Sep, 2003S&P BSE SENSEX shifted to free-float methodology
1st Dec, 2003T group was introduced
2nd Jun, 2004S&P BSE SENSEX closes above 6000 for the first time
17th May, 2004Second biggest fall of all the time, Circuit filters were used twice in a day
20th May, 2005The BSE India Scheme, 2005 was announced by SEBI
8th Aug, 2005Incorporation of the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited
12th Aug, 2005Certificate of Commencement of Business
19th Aug, 2005BSE becomes a corporate Entity
7th Feb, 2006S&P BSE SENSEX closed above 10000
7th Jul, 2006BSE Gujarati website was launched
21st Oct, 2006BSE Hindi website was started
2nd Nov, 2006iShares S&P BSE SENSEX India Tracker listed at Hong Kong Stock Exchange
2nd Jan, 2007Launch of Unified Corporate Bond Reporting platform: Indian Corporate Debt Market (ICDM)
7th Mar, 2007Singapore Exchange Limited entered into an agreement to invest in a 5% stake in BSE
16th May, 2007Appointed Date under the Scheme as notified by SEBI
10th Jan, 2008S&P BSE SENSEX touch the All-time High at 21,206.77
1st Oct, 2008Currency Derivatives was introduced
18th May, 2009The S&P BSE SENSEX raised 2110.70 points and the index wide upper circuit breaker was applied
7th Aug, 2009BSE-USE Form Alliance to develop Currency & Interest Rate Derivatives Markets
24th Aug, 2009S&P BSE IPO Index was launched
1st Oct, 2009Bombay Stock Exchange was introduce for trade details facility for the investors
5th Oct, 2009BSE Introduces New Transaction Fee Structure for the cash Equity segment
25th Nov, 2009BSE launched the FASTRADE, this was the new market access platform
4th Dec, 2009BSE launches the BSE STAR MF, that was mutual fund trading platform
7th Dec, 2009Launch of clearing and settlement of corporate bonds through the Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd.
14th Dec, 2009Marathi Website was started
18th Dec, 2009BSE’s new derivatives rates to lower transaction costs for all
4th Jan, 2010Market time was changed to 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM
20th Jan, 2010S&P BSE PSU website was launched
22nd Apr, 2010New DBM framework from RS 10 Lakhs – 90% reduction in membership deposit
12th May, 2010Dissemination of Corporate Action information via SWIFT platform
23rd Jul, 2010Options on BOLT
21st Sep, 2010First to introduce the mobile-based trading
29th Sep, 2010Introduction of Smart Order Routing (SOR)
4th Oct, 2010EUREX – S&P BSE SENSEX Futures was launched
11th Oct, 2010Launch of Fastrade on Web (FoW) – Exchange hosted platform
12th Nov, 2010Commencemet of S&P BSE Voilatility Index
22nd Nov, 2010Launch of SLB
10th Dec, 2010Launch of SIP
27th Dec, 2010Commencement of S&P BSE Shariah Index
17th Nov, 2011Maharashtra and United Kingdom Environment Ministers launched Concept Note for S&P BSE Carbon Index
7th Jan, 2011BSE Training Institute Ltd. With IGNOU launched India’s first 2 year full time MBA program specializing in Financial Market
15th Jan, 2011Co-location facility at BSE – tie up with Netmagic
22nd Feb, 2012Launch of S&P BSE- GREENEX to promote investments in Green India
13th Mar, 2012Launch of BSE- SME Exchange Platform
30th Mar, 2012BSE launched trading in BRICSMART indices derivatives
19th Feb, 2013BSE enters into Strategic Partnership with S&P Dow Jones Indices
28th Nov, 2013Launch of Currency Derivatives (BSE CDX)
28th Jan, 2014Launch of Interest Rate Futures (BSE – IRF)
11th Feb, 2014Launch of Institutional Trading Platform on BSE SME
20th Mar, 2014BSE Launches New Debt Segment
4th Apr, 2014BSE SME exceeds USD 1 billion market capitalization
7th Apr, 2014 Launched the equity segment on BOLT plus with the median response time of 200
27th May, 2014BSE felicitated at the Asian Banker Summit 2014- BSE Best Managed Financial Derivatives Exchange in the Asia Pacific
26th Sept, 2014BSE inks MoU with BNY Mellon
22nd Oct, 2014BSE inks strategic partnership with YES BANK
28th Nov, 2014BSE listed cos market cap crosses landmark 100 lakh crore
12th Dec, 2014Market Cap of BSE SME listed companies crosses landmark 10,000 crore
8th Jan, 2015BSE Commensed live trading from the disaster recovery site in Hyderabad
16th Apr, 2015Asia Index Private Limited launches S&P BSE AllCap, S&P BSE SENSEX Leverage and inverse indices
18th May, 2015BSE introduces overnight investment product
28th May, 2015BSE exceeds 1 billion derivatives contracts on its new Deutsche Borse T7 powered trading platform
9th Jul, 2015BSE celebrated its 140th Foundation Day
16th Jul, 2015BSE SME platform successfully completes listing of 100 SMS’e under its SMC umbrella
13th Oct, 2015BSE becomes the fastest exchange in the world with a median response speed of 6 microseconds
9th Dec. 2015BSE partners with CII and IICA to launch a one of its kind CSR platform ‘Sammaan’ – The CSR Exchange
28th Mar, 2016BSE STAR Mutual Fund Processes 81,000 orders worth Rs. 270 Crore- Record Order in single day
5th Apr, 2016BSE & CMIE launch world’s first high-frequency data on unemployment and consumer sentiments
9th Jun, 2016BSE announces commencement of trading of Sovereign Gold Bonds
3rd Feb, 2017BSE India becomes India’s 1st listed Stock Exchange
16th Mar, 2017BSE partners with Sentifi for analyzing and reporting social media updates
22nd Aug, 2017Asia Index Private Limited launches the S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index
19th Jan, 2018BSE STAR Mutual Fund introduce e-mandate facility
30th Jun, 2018BSE signs MoU with Bombay Metal Exchange
17th Jul, 2018BSE building received trademark
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