Penny Stocks Share Prices between Rs 1 to Rs 10

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Penny Stocks Share Prices between Rs 1 to Rs 10

“Penny Stocks Share Prices between Rs 1 to Rs 10” – Must know It……!

Do you know what Penny Stocks is?

Penny stocks means stocks that are traded at a very low price and have a very low market capitalization that is illiquid and is listed on smaller exchanges.

Penny Stocks in the Indian Stock Market have a price range of Rs 1 to Rs 10.

In this article, we will talk about “Penny Stocks Share Prices between Rs 1 to Rs 10”.

We will see the list of the companies that are traded in the NSE exchange price bounds from Rs 1 to Rs 10.

These stocks are very speculative in nature and are also considered highly risky as it has lack liquidity, a smaller number of shareholders, large bid-ask spreads and the limited number of disclosure regarding the information.

You need to observe the things before investing in penny stocks like:

  • Look at the value rather than the share price
  • Observe the upper and lower circuits
  • Low volumes indicate lower liquidity
  • Brokers or promoters can manipulate the share price
  • Ignore the stories of the success regarding in the penny stocks

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So, now let us see the list of the companies of the penny stocks:

List of RS 1 to RS 10 Penny Stocks traded on the National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Sr. NoCompaniesShare Price (RS)Volumes (000)
1.VODAFONE IDEA3.6062,054.8
2.ALOK INDUSTRIES4.8014,350.2
3.RELIANCE POWER1.553,511.6
6.KSS LIMITED0.101,416.3
10.JALPRAKASH ASSO.1.35808.9
13.UTTAM VALUE0.05653.3
16.SOUTH IND. BANK5.85449.8
17.SUZLON ENERGY2.50422.6
21.FCS SOFTWARE0.25360.6
22.3I INFOTECH LTD.1.30330
3.GTL INFRA0.2029.3
24.GAMMON INFRA0.35281.1
Research By, Trading Fuel | Price Captured Date: 11.4.2020

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Penny stocks are those whose share price is between Rs. 1 to Rs. 10. Their prices are low because they are making losses and there are ongoing issues with the company. However, when penny stocks company turnaround they have the potential to give huge returns. Therefore, you may invest in penny stocks after knowing the risks.
Before investing in penny stocks checks the stock liquidity, ignore the success stories of penny stocks and check their turnaround potential.
Penny stocks are speculative in nature because there is constant news flow in such companies and traders are always active in such stocks.
You first need to determine how much money you are willing to invest in penny stocks. After deciding the amount to invest, you may make a list of penny stock companies and invest some amount in each of them.
Yes, penny stock’s prices can be easily manipulated by the promoters of the company or the brokers.

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