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Top 7 Best Stock Market App

Every Trade Must Install ” Top 7 Best Stock Market App “

Yes, if you read our many blogs then might know that in every blog I should to give the instruction about learning more of the stock market through the books, articles, magazines or newspapers.

Then, you might know that what can do a newspaper to you and also for making the decision in the certain companies or for stocks.

So, you can read the news anytime from the mobile application available for the financial news too.

In this article, you will get about the “Top 7 Best Stock Market App”

That the readers can use to get the financial news of the stock market.

So, through this, you will get to know about the mobile application of the news that is on duty to give the best of it.

This application can be installed on both Android and IOS.

In the last, it is important for you to stay updated with every event that is occurring day to day for staying updated with the news.

As all of the folks have been using a great internet speed that really helps the traders and the investors to stay updated faster and to be efficient.

Let’s walk in the list of “Top 7 Best Stock Market App”

Here is the list for,

Top 7 Best Stock Market App

1. The Economic Times: Sensex, Market & Business News

1. Economics Time App
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  • For tracking the BSE Sensex or the NSE Nifty charts live, this application gives the full access to know about the live share prices with advantage of technical charting.
  • You can also gauge your portfolios updates, here you also find different mutual fund investment schemes, fund analysis, SIP calculator and many more benefits.
  • You can also create your watch-list for the next day and make an eye on them regularly.
  •  This application also gives us the judgement of the analysis of the particular stocks or indexes and their expert advice for the same.

2. Moneycontrol – Share Market | News | Portfolio

2. Money Control - Best Stock Market App
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  • This application provides easy accessible to use its feature regarding the stock market updates, mutual fund, the portfolios and many more.
  • This application provides all the latest data’s of the stock market.
  • And this also covers all the news of the financial world of all the sectors that is for business perspective or for the economy.
  • It also gives you the feature to handle your own portfolio by adding or subtracting the stocks, mutual fund, commodities and many more and you can track them regularly.

3. Yahoo Finance Stock Market App

3. Yahoo Finance App
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  • It gives you the access of the real time stock information and the investment updates to stay updated with the market.
  • You can add stocks into your watch-lists to get to know about the real time stock quotes and the personalized news for that stock specific.
  • You can track your portfolio performance and can manage the information you need kind of stocks specific.
  • Not only you can the access of the stocks but it can be more like the bonds, commodities, futures and many more and also you can make the comparison for the stocks.

4. CNBC: Breaking Business News & Live Market Data

4. CNBC TV App
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  • This application also comes with the option of live streaming videos for the direct access and for the constant monitoring.
  • You get the access to watch all kinds of stocks across the world and you get the data’s of all the pre-opening and after hours of the stock market with well-designed functions.
  • This application covers every aspect of the financial news and the knowledge that a trader or an investor should know.
  • Despite, covering the news of finance and business it also covers the politics, technology and many topics under this application.

5. NSE Mobile Trading – Trusted Stock Market App

5. NSE Mobile Trading - Trusted Stock Market App
Direct Download Link
  • NSE Mobile Trading app is the user friendly application and has all the types of interface for the users.
  • It also shows the real-time quotes of the stock market that is streaming and that is necessary for the traders or the investors to know.
  • It also focus on the comprehensive trading and also about market monitoring platforms.
  • This devices helps to keep the news delivered to the traders and to the investors in the form of easiest and in simplest manner.

6. Stock Edge – NSE BSE Indian Share Market Investing

6. Stock Edge App
Direct Download Link
  • This app has the benefit to provide the backup and restore the changes that have been made in the application before.
  • You can eye on the intraday and the historical chart of the stocks and gets the alert and the notification if the price rise or fall in any of the stocks in your portfolio or in your watch-list.
  • It also gives the stock detailed information that the trader or the investor is looking for and also about the global indexes.
  • It also gives the details about the gainers and the losers of the BSE and also focused on the global currencies and for the commodity prices.

7. NDTV Profit App

7. NDTV Profit App
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  • NDTV Profit App shows the live stock market quotes, charts, timeframes that is from one day to 3 years.
  • It also provides the news specific to the stocks, certain videos and the special screeners.
  • This also shows about the interview of the big analyst or the experts of the stock market that discuss about their journey and situation of the market condition.
  • The traders or the investors needs ends here as this application gives the market news, business news, top stories of the stock market, expert advice on any of the stocks, news report analysis and it has more benefits.

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