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List of SEBI registered Stock Brokers with active clients in India 2022

List of SEBI registered Stock Brokers with active clients in India:

  • Trading is incomplete without the stock brokers in India.
  • Without stock brokers, you cannot imagine trading in the country.

Who are the stock brokers?

  • A stock broker is simply an intermediary who enables us to buy and sell stocks and securities on the stock exchange on behalf of financial institutions and firms.
  • A stock broker in India can be in any form, like a stock broking firm or an independent firm known for providing stock broking services to its customers.
  • The main job or the main purpose of hiring a stock broker is to buy and sell stocks on behalf of a client.

How to select the best stock broker?

  • Selecting a very good stock broker is like going to the crux of a particular thing.
  • There are various qualities required in a stock broker.

The following are the few qualities required in a stockbroker:-

the few qualities required in a stock broker
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Stock market pricing:-

  • It is very essential to check the annual maintenance charges (AMC) of every stockbroker before deciding to move further.
  • The AMC of every stock broker is different because there are some brokers who charge high brokerage and some brokers who charge low brokerage.

Comprehend your basics:-

  • It is very important for us to know that our stock broker understands what we expect from the trading.
  • Thus, it is essential to look for a stock broker who will provide us with excellent trading services and that too, at affordable brokerage charges.

Fund transfer process:-

  • If you open a bank account with a non-bank stock broker, you will need to transfer money every time you wish to trade.
  • Hence, it is suggested to select a stock broker that comes with a 3-in-1 Demat account as the stock broker will provide seamless fund transfer services.

Range of trading segments:-

  • Select a stock broker that has a range of financial products like equities, commodities, IPOs, FDs, and much more.

The expertise of the research team:-

  • It is essential to take a good survey of the research team.
  • This is because the research provided by the stock brokers will help the investors pick up the best stocks, which would give them high returns.

Importance of the stock brokers:-

  • Stock brokers play a pivotal role in our portfolio.

The following are the main important elements of a stockbroker:-

Importance of the stock brokers
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Handling the trade:-

  • A stockbroker receives multiple orders from traders, and he will then place them on the stock exchange.
  • Once the orders are placed, the trader will be notified.
  • However, in the case of online brokers, you can automatically place the order and it will be visible in your Demat account.

Paid on commission:-

  • Full-service stock brokers charge commission in the form of brokerage for their clients.
  • Discount brokers charge a flat commission, which is pre-decided on every order.

Recommend the best deals:-

  • A stock broker deals in all types of securities and will keep on suggesting to its clients when to buy or sell a particular trade.
  • Such suggestions are made with the help of the research team.

Margin financing:-

  • Margin trading is a process where an investor buys more stocks than they can even afford.
  • This is also known as intraday trading.
  • Margin trading allows the buying and selling of stocks on a single day.

List of SEBI registered SEBI registered stock brokers in India:-

  • Every stock broker has to be registered with the stock exchange.

The below comprises the list of the stock brokers that are registered with SEBI and are also active:-

Sr. No.Name of the stock brokerTotal active clientsTotal complaints received against them
1Zerodha Broking Limited3602074868
2Angel Broking Limited15646671501
35PAISA Capital Limited870405612
4ICICI Securities Limited1580233602
5Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited564034491
6Sharekhan Limited679333405
7Kotak Securities Limited743206365
8HDFC Securities Limited957085285
9IIFL Securities Limited291730228
10Edelweiss Broking Limited157254224
11Axis Securities Limited454882139
12Tradebulls Securities (P) Limited65460116
13Dhani Stocks Limited3964495
14SMC Global Securities Limited135863112
15Religare Broking Limited13293968
16IDBI Capital Markets & Securities Limited5051061
17Reliance Securities Limited11730780
18SBICAP Securities Limited329099187
19Karvy Stock Broking Limited07644
20Anugrah Stock & Broking Private Limited62462444
21Indianivesh Shares and Securities Private Limited151542
22RKSV Securities India Private Limited2141095862
23Arcadia Share & Stock Brokers Private Limited11377783
24Alice Blue Financial Services Limited125223167
25Fyers Securities Private Limited35963129
26Action Financial Services (India) Limited31995
27Modex International Securities Limited089
28Aditya Birla Money Limited5556275
29Samco Securities Limited7717374
30Geojit Financial Services Limited20120667
31Astha Credit & Securities (P) Limited6989053
32Profitmart Securities Private Limited4979061
33Conard Securities Private Limited066
34Sumpoorna Portfolio Limited062
35Vikson Securities Private Limited061
36Nirmal Bang Securities Private Limited12321361
37Ventura Securities Limited9643151
38Anand Rathi Share and Stock Brokers Limited8556947
39BMA Wealth Creators Limited053
40Finvasia Securities Private Limited1201844
41Dealmoney Securities Private Limited563243
42Globe Capital Market Limited3691342
43SMIFS Limited546437
44Swastika Investmart Limited5406937
45Goodwill Wealth Management Private Limited3784036
46YES Securities (India) Limited1824836
47Nextbillion Technology Private Limited78057032
48Navia Markets Limited2225734
49Choice Equity Broking Private Limited6780436
50Yuvraj Securities1727
51SHCIL Services Limited4557121
52Zerodha Securities Private Limited121
53Integrated Enterprises (India) Private Limited3948122
54Astitva Capital Market Private Limited2521
55Monarch Networth Capital Limited5468023
56Shri Parasram Holdings Private Limited3056324
57Quantum Global Securities Limited024
58Master Capital Services Limited4864526
59Reflection Investments026
60LKP Securities Limited2958826
61Prabhudas Lilladher Private Limited3255119
62VNS Finance & Capital Services Limited3680819
63Shriram Insight Share Brokers Limited2713519
64Bonanza Portfolio Limited4428720
65Motilal Oswal Capital Markets Private Limited020
66JM Financial Services Limited4899816
67Karmic Stock Broking Private Limited017
68Zebu Share and Wealth Managements Private Limited1661617
69Alankit Imaginations Limited1743719
70Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited019
71Prudent Broking Services Private Limited1941514
72South Asian Stocks Limited1787814
73Maxgrowth Capital Private Limited31814
74Ashlar Securities Private Limited801714
75Acumen Capital Market (India) Limited1382114
76NJ Invest India Private Limited482009
77HEM Finlease Private Limited120129
78BOB Capital Markets Limited837910
79Arihant Capital Markets Limited364898
80Abhipra Capital Limited19328
81Fairwealth Securities Limited08
82Mehta Equities Limited51048
83LFS Broking Private Limited16858
84Century Finvest Private Limited11258
85ISS Enterprise Limited129038
86Marwadi Shares and Finance Limited1074937
87Elite Wealth Advisors Limited50807
88Raghunandan Capital Private Limited30177
89Escorts Securities Limited23767
90Comfort Securities Limited16897
91Paytm Money Limited858276
92Mandot Securities Private Limited10632
93IFCI Financial Services Limited61792
94ICICI Web Trade Limited02
95Nine Star Broking Private Limited105962
96Latin Manharlal Securities Private Limited105482
97Wealth India Financial Services Limited114292
98Lohia Securities Limited18722
99Adwealth Stock Broking Private Limited7732
100Mansukh Securities and Finance Limited75952
101Aum Capital Market Private Limited17012
102Anush Shares and Securities Private Limited11842
103Pune E Stock Broking Private Limited101252
104Badjate Stock and Shares Private Limited14182
105KR Choksey Shares and Securities Private Limited72002
106Findoc Investmart Private Limited23302
107Karuna Financial Services Private Limited10012
108Zuari Finserv Limited43912
109GCL Securities Private Limited45682
110Sunlight Broking LLP40952
111CD Equisearch Private Limited11872
112Aasma Securities Private Limited11871
113Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited01
114Wealthstreet Advisors Private Limited42641
115Kedia Shares and Stocks Brokers Limited6831
116NKB Securities41
117Ambalal Shares and Stocks Private Limited19031
118Signature Global Securities Private Limited1331
119Prognosis Securities Private Limited381
120Garg Securities Private Limited20321
121CIL Securities Limited18161
122Coimbatore Capital Limited60441
123Aditya Ajay Share Brokers Private Limited01
124OJ Financial Services Limited7671
125DP Tradeking Private Limited20421
126Dynamic Equities Private Limited961
127Farsight Securities Limited16051
128ISF Securities Limited7261
129R Wadiwala Securities Private Limited89541
130Enrich Financial Solution Private Limited22441
131Multiplex Capital Limited20081
132Progressive Share Brokers Private Limited54101
133Shilpa Stock Broker Private Limited23181
134Nirmal Bang Equities Private Limited1051
135Fair Intermediate Investments Private Limited17431
136AS Stock Broking and Management Private Limited461
137Patel Wealth Advisors Private Limited66541
138Stampede Capital Limited1751
139Pravin Ratilal Share and Stock Brokers Limited131111
140Crown Consultants Private Limited3491
141Abhira Securities Limited8041
142Mittal Securities Private Limited611
143Jhaveri Securities Limited409921
144Sara Securities Private Limited2531
145Jyoti Portfolio Private Limited25391
146Rudra Shares and Stock Brokers Limited88361
147KK Securities Limited21621
148BN Rathi Securities Limited87631
149Khandwala Securities Limited8621
150Rajsons Securities Limited381

From the above list, we can conclude that Zerodha has the highest number of active clients and is a top grosser as well.

We also hope that the above list of stock brokers helps you choose the best stock broker for yourself.

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