How to Buy Intraday Stocks?

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How to Buy Intraday Stocks?

How to buy Intraday Stocks?: Most of the traders or investors are part of the share market. Some of them are a professional trader and some are the traders who just trades or invests for the purpose to earn some passive income. Intraday trading is quite famous for the traders as in this the traders can turn the income quickly and they are liquid in nature.

For buying stock in intraday trading, there is a common procedure that should be followed in intraday trading. First of all, you need to open a Demat account and trading account. Then you need to get the knowledge from the expert and after that, you need to follow the approach with discipline.

Intraday trading is about buying and selling of the stocks on the same day in that way that the net position at the end of the day should be zero. Intraday transactions are closed out directly by the broker at the closing hours when the trader forgets to close down its trade. There is no delivery of shares or stocks in the intraday trader’s Demat account as the trade starts and ends in the same day.

Pointers for How to Buy Intraday Stocks

1. Trade only on the stocks that are liquid

Liquidity is that the most significant intraday commerce tip whereas selecting the correct stocks to trade throughout the day. Liquid stocks have vast commerce volumes whereby larger quantities are often purchased and sold-out while not considerably poignant the value. Generally, lesser liquid stocks don’t give traders the chance to buy and sell larger quantities thanks to lack of too several consumers.

Some traders might argue that liquid stocks supply larger opportunities with speedy value modifications. However, statistics show that volatile stocks show bigger movements during a short amount of your time. Thus, most of the potential gains dissipate whereas the drawback risk still looms. Nevertheless, the liquidity of the stocks depends on the standard of the trades placed by the traders.

2. You should not choose the stocks that are volatile

In the stocks that are highly volatile in that the intraday trading is not advisable. As because if any events or any big news occur then that stocks will move very unexpectedly. Traders are advised that to avoid the intraday trading in such type of volatile stocks.

There are few stocks that are volatile and categorized in mid-cap and while the others all the volatile stocks are categorized under the low-cap stocks. These stocks are having low daily volumes and makes them more illiquid.

3. Trade in stocks that have good correlation

An intraday tip for selecting the correct stock is to prefer people who have a better correlation with major sectors and indices. This implies once the index or the world sees associate degree upward movement, the stock worth conjointly will increase. Stocks that move in line with the sentiment of the cluster area unit reliable and infrequently follow the expected movement of the world.

As an example, strengthening of the Indian rupee against the dollar can usually have an effect on all info technology corporations keen about the U.S.A. markets. A stronger rupee implies lower earnings for the IT corporations and weakening rupee can end in higher export incomes for these corporations.

4. After research, pick that stock that you are confident for

Undertaking quality analysis is one among the foremost very important intraday tips that traders should keep in mind. Sadly, most day traders avoid doing their analysis. Characteristic the index and so finding sectors that area unit of interest is suggested. Succeeding step is to form an inventory of many stocks with these sectors.

Traders needn’t essentially embody sector leaders, however rather establish stocks that area unit liquid. Technical analysis and crucial the support and resistance levels beside learning the basics of those stocks can facilitate traders notice the proper stocks to profit through intraday trading.

5. Follow the market trend closely before deciding the Right Stocks

The important factor for intraday trading is to follow the market closely and to follow the market trend this is very beneficial. So that the trader can find out the stocks that should buy when there is Bull Run in the stock market.

You should also observe market that closely that you can recognize for the stocks that is need to be sell in the Bear run in the stock market. It is advisable to follow the market trend closely before picking up the right stocks.

How to Pick the Stocks for Intraday Trading?

  1. Shares Volume
  2. Resistance Level
  3. Choose Stocks of the Day
  4. Select the few stocks from stock-lists for intraday
  5. Pick the stocks with weekly momentum
  6. Select Top gainers and losers for trading

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