As the name suggests very well, intraday trading is all about trading on the same day. The intraday traders square off their trade on the same day. Squaring off refers to the transaction of selling and buying or buying or selling on that particular day. This single day trading option is prevalent in Indian share market for making smart money.

Benefits of Intraday Trading

We have explained the benefits of day trading and its major aspects in this post. If you are a beginner, the information will serve as a good guide for you. Is day trading beneficial? How to do intraday trading efficiently to earn well? Read on further to find a solution to the most common queries related to the single day trading option.

What Makes Intraday Trading Attractive

Definite advantages of this segment in Indian stock market are the main reason for its immense popularity. Compared to the delivery segment, the brokerage charges are very less under intraday segment. Traders also have freedom of trading with high margin i.e. almost 5 or even 10 times margin.

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Intraday Trading Tips for Beginners

If you are a beginner in the stock market, opting to trade in this segment is always recommended for you. Well, at the same time we suggest not to take it as an easy nut to crack. Be cautious about the decisions you make while investing. Our blog is posting on the best ways of investing in day trading from time to time. You need to be disciplined in certain perspectives and should stay away from the greed of striking huge profit at once. Keep doing good research of the firm before you invest in the stock.

Best Day Trading Strategies

Your stand while investing in this segment should depend upon how much loss you can bear. Either you focus on exiting the position immediately after accessing minimum profit level. Invest in diverse companies and keep on exiting positions sooner.

Another way is relying on the trends depending upon your experience and judgement. You may make fewer transactions and wait longer in anticipation of higher profits. Do feel free to share your share your view on intraday trading strategies.

What is the Best Way to Do Intraday Trading

The best way to do intraday trading is following certain golden rules. Doing good research on the stock you are choosing is very important. Invest only after considering your risk taking capability. Choosing the highly liquid stocks and avoiding excess greed is the right way to trade. To earn decent profits in this segment, just stay alerted, keep on doing research, and avoid risking more than 2% of the total trading. Keep your portfolio as diverse as possible instead of focussing on 1 or 2 stocks. This will save you from heavy losses if the price of one stock is drastically increased/decreased.

Intraday Trading Software & Charts

Daily charts play a very significant role in intraday trading. Traders use the daily charts for short-term, medium-term and long-term analysis. The daily charts show price fluctuations of the stocks on a one-day duration basis. The charts give you a scenario of the stock’s performance and its movements. The hourly charts are widely used by the traders.

We are sure you find this brief overview of Day trading. Keep following our blog for more updates and information on intraday trading.


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