Top 9 Golden Intraday Trading Rules

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Top 9 Golden Intraday Trading Rules

Are you day Trader? Looking for some Intraday Trading Rules? Here are some simple, easy and golden rules for Intraday trading to earn handsome profit doing day trade. Follow the rules by Trading Fuel and never forget to follow.

Intraday Trading Rules | Must to Know!

1. Invest in what you can afford to lose

Day Trading carry more risk investing in stocks. Always invest the amount that you can afford to lose.  Eg: In the year 2009 satyam computer scrip fell more than 80% from Rs 188 to Rs 31 in one day. A unexpected movement in the market could lose more than you invested in Stock Market. Its very Important intraday rules.

2. Select highly liquid Shares

Day traders must square off their positions at the end of the session.  This is easy when you are trade in large cap, index- based stocks which are highly liquid and get traded in large volumes every day.

3. Trade in only 3-4 scrips at time

It is advisable to diversify the portfolio while investing in stocks when it comes to trade.  Limit yourself to just 1-2 stocks. Also track the stock movements closely.

4. Do extensive Research

There should be 10-15 stocks on your trade watch list. You should be aware of all the forthcoming news like stock splits, bonuses, dividends, result dates, mergers as well as technical levels of the stock.

5. Know the entry price and target levels

Before you enter the market always set your entry price and level. The psychology changes after he bought a stock where you could interfere with judgment and sell quickly even if the price moves marginally.

6. Use stop loss to minimize loss

A stop loss is triggered for selling shares if the price moves beyond specified limit. It helps the buyer to limit the losses. It’s most painful Intraday Trading Rules.

7. Don’t be an Investor

Both of them buy shares considering the Profit.

8. Book Profits when target are achieved

Greed and Fear creates hurdles for the traders.  Trader should book profit when the shares reach his target. If trader feels that there is more upside to the stock he should reset the stop loss.

9. Don’t Fight with Market Trend

Even the expert analysis cannot predict the way in which market will move. By using the technical factors trader will point out the likely movement of the market they don’t guarantee it.

Know 7 Day Trade Secret

  • Stay neutral

You should not be emotionally suffering for the rest of the day after losing any of the trades. You should not predict the future price movements under any circumstances.

  • Don’t be afraid to put Trade

Lack of Confidence or fear in the trade decision will lead it difficult to enter into trade. Too much fear will make you take losses before the actual stop loss hit.

Confidence will help in taking good decision .

  • Use only risk capital for trade

Always trade with money you have other then another income in order to make neutral decision.

  • Be patient

Always be patient with your trade experience. Take your own time to trade on paper for while. Also wait for the opportunities to trade with.

  • Learn how to manage money

A good trader will never risk more than 2% of the trade capital on single trade.

  • Always Trade with Confidence

You should trade with confidence because it is the most important secret to successful day trader.

  • Focus on Strategies that suit you

Always try to implement few strategies instead of many at once. Try to find out the strategy you are comfortable with and master it.

We hope thats You enjoyed our Blog of “Intraday Trading Rules & Regulations “.


Trading in illiquid stocks or stocks with lower volumes is not recommended to traders because you may not be able to square off your positions at the end of the day. In liquid stocks, you will find buyers and sellers at multiple price levels.
You can put stop loss according to the price levels arrived at through technical analysis. Avoid putting stop losses of more than 5%.
By booking profits at the target levels, you can overcome greed. Stop loss is always there to protect you from the fear of loss. If you can balance greed and fear, you are on the correct path to becoming a successful trader.
Well, intraday trading is all about trying different strategies and finding which one suits you the best. This is the most important secret to become a successful trader.


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