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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Intraday Trading

The role of top mobile apps for intraday trading is growing with each passing day. The rate of increase in mobile users is much higher than the increase in laptop users. Furthermore, this growth has brought a revolutionary change in the way intraday trading was done.

By installing the right mobile application, the investor can track the price of stocks. Besides that, it helps him in taking intraday trading positions. Let us have a look at some of the top mobile applications for intraday trading.

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Intraday Trading in India

#1 Moneycontrol

It is the most popular mobile application for stock trading. Network 18 owns the app. The app provides vast details about stock markets. Moreover, it is easy to track stock prices using this app. You will find all the latest news and information about the stock markets and companies on this app. Also, the app provides a forum where investors or interested people can post their views on different stocks. Furthermore, you will find the prices of global indices and domestic indices on the app. The application supports Android and iOS platform.

Money Control logo
Image Source: Money Control

[Download Link: Moneycontrol Mobile App ]

#2 Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance app is a classic mobile app for day traders. It provides real-time stock updates. Furthermore, the application provides news and information on the stocks. It offers live streaming of NSE and BSE quotes. The trader needs to just log in by opening an account on the application. Also, it gives you the option to create unlimited watch lists. Furthermore, you can add as many holdings as you want to add.  The app is available on Google play store for Android users. Likewise, it is also available on The Apple store for iOS users.

mage Credited Yahoo

[ Yahoo Finance Download Link: → For Play Store & → For i Tunes Apple   ]

#3 NSE Mobile Trading App

NSE mobile trading application provides live streaming of NSE quotes and market monitoring features. Also, the analytical charts help the trader to understand the daily movements of the stock prices. Moreover, the application provides trading across different asset classes like equities, commodities, currency, offer for sale, etc. The investor can trade by opening an account on NSE app. The application supports Android and iOS platform.

Nse India Mobile App
Image Credited Nse India

[ Download Link: NSE Mobile Trading App ]

#4 IIFL Markets

IIFL Markets is another popular mobile trading app that allows the trader to trade on NSE and BSE. Like other apps, this app too provides live quotes, news, information and charts of different stocks. Moreover, the app provides an expert’s view on different stocks. Also, it suggests the traders on taking positions in different scripts. Some interesting features on the app include price alert messages, customization watch list, etc. India Infoline Ltd. owns this app. The app can run on Android and iOS platform.

Image Source: IIFL

[ Download Link : IIFL Markets Mobile App ]

#5 BSE India

BSE India (Bombay Stock Exchange) provides the happenings of the stock markets in 9 different languages. Besides that, the home page is customization as per the needs of the investor. The app provides quick updates of company results, announcements, board meetings, etc. Also, the app runs smoothly on all mobile platforms. This makes the app widely acceptable. The live quotes along with the graphs and other details help the intraday traders to take the right position. Moreover, this app keeps the traders updated about the ever-changing capital market.

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These are the few popular and top mobile apps for intraday traders in India. However, for global investors, there are other mobile apps. So, let us have a look at two of the popular global mobile app for intraday traders.

BSE India
Image Resource: BSE India

[ Download Link: BSE India Mobile App ]

Worldwide Most Popular Trading App:

#1 Investing

This is the most popular app for global investors. The app offers the indices quotes of about 70 exchanges across the globe. Furthermore, the charts and different technical indicators on the app help in understanding the trends of the market. You can even create a portfolio on this app. The app is compatible with Android and iOS. Therefore, this app is a must-have for all the investors and traders who track global markets.

Investing Mobile App
Image Credited Investing

[ Download Link: Investing Mobile App ]

#2 NetDania Global Stock and Forex Trading | Top App for Forex Trading

This app provides an overview of the major indices of the world like Dow Jones, DAX, CAC, Hang Seng, etc. Besides that, the news feeds are also very helpful. It keeps the trader up to date about global events. Also, the app is very responsive. The integrated localization makes it a perfect choice for traders of any country. The app is compatible with Android, Blackberry and iOS.

NetDania Stock & Forex Trader
Image Source: NetDania Stock & Forex Trader

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