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Best Stock Market Games For Beginners

Stock Market Game [ Virtual Trading Platforms ] are becoming very popular among the new traders. They help to develop the trading skills of the investors. Earning in the stock markets is not an easy task. In fact, it requires years of experience to know the right set of strategy. Another reason why it is difficult to make money in stock market is the volatility and uncertainty.

Introduction To Stock Market Game

There has been a chronicle growth in the Indian economy.  This has led to incredible growth in the stock market.In this article, we shall look at some of the best stock market games. These games can help in gaining experience and developing the necessary skills of the trader. Also, these games provide the same market conditions that the traders face in reality. This gives the practical training to the investors and traders. Let us now have a look at some of the most popular stock market games. They are as follows.

Must Try Stock Market Game For Beginners

1. Moneybhai [ Best Stock Market Game ]

It is the most popular stock market game for the Indian traders. The app is owned by moneycontrol . It is the most popular Indian portal for stock markets. In this game, the trader can make a virtual investment in stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits and bonds. The users can create a league of games and invite friends. Furthermore, the users can interact with the players. This makes the game play very interesting. To sum up, Moneybhai is one of the top most games. Play this game to better prepare yourself, before entering the stock markets in real.


2. NSE Paathshala [ Virtual Trading Platforms ]

NSE India runs this game. The game was developed with the aim of educating the investors with the help of virtual trading. The stock market game offers the users to trade in shares and securities on the NSE segment. The game provides a learning experience to the trader in the market. The prices and quotations in the game are as per the current market prices. Also, game functions within the marketing hours. To conclude, any new trader seeking to learn in the market can open a free account and start playing the game.

3. Dalal Street Stock Market Challenge

Dalal Street Stock Market Challenge is a real time stock market game. The game is a joint creation of Bombay Stock Exchange and Dalal Street Investment Journal. On this platform, the user can create a virtual portfolio. The virtual money can be used to purchase and sell the shares. Also, the user can understand different strategies of the market. In addition, the game helps to understand the economic as well as the financial concepts of the markets. Play this game and enjoy sharing your thoughts with like-minded people of the platform.


4. Market Watch

Market Watch is another famous stock market game. The game is for those users who like trading on Dow Jones.  Dow & Jones Co. own the virtual trading platform.  The game offers real time trading with real time market data. The user can play this game by creating his own game. However, the user also has the option to play this game by joining the game created by others. To sum up, Market Watch provides knowledge to the new traders and grooms them for real trading.


5. Wall Street Survivor [ Global Stock Market Game ]

Wall Street Survivor is one of the most popular stock market games. The game provides tremendous learning lessons to the players. It helps the players to learn the fundamentals of the stocks, bonds, futures, currencies, etc.  The players can virtually create a portfolio and trade the stocks present on the American stock markets. Furthermore, the players can compete against the friends and invite them. The game helps to generate confidence among the users in relation to the markets. Also, the game is risk-free and the players can win real prizes by performing well among the traders present on the platform.


6. Investfly

Investfly is yet another popular stock market games. Although it is just like other virtual trading platforms, still it is very interesting. The players can create their virtual portfolio of stock and learn different trading strategies. The game comprises of six biggest stock markets of the world – Europe, India, US, Hong Kong, London and Canada. The platform engages the players to learn more by conducting the monthly trading contest. The player who earns the highest profit in the contest is the winner. Furthermore, this game refines and prepares the trader before he indulges in real stock trading. To conclude, Investfly virtual trading stock market game provides a good insight of stocks around the world and helps the players to enter the real market with good preparation.


Stock market games help the new investors and traders to gain knowledge of stock markets.  Investors get to learn the functioning of stock markets and get experience with virtual trading.

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