Top 10 Books On Stock Market You Should Read!

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Top 10 Books On Stock Market You Should Read!

Importance of Reading Best Books on Stock Market

Books on Stock Market : Do you like to keep the track of the stock market in the newspaper? Are you the one who sits in front of the TV screen to dig in market movements? If yes, we have got the list of best stock market books for you. These books will help you enhance your wisdom on investments and savings. It will also enhance your knowledge on investing in the stock market.These books will improve your ability as an investor.

You will be surprised to know that there are more than 85,000 books written related to stock market. We have made our best efforts to narrow down top 10 most popular and best books on the stock market.

Top 10 Books On Stock Market

#1 The Intelligent Investor Best Books on Stock Market

This famous book on the stock market is written by Benjamin Graham in 1934. In addition, he has sold over 1 million copies of the book. The book talks about being successful in the stock market and lays the foundation of value investing. It is a must-read book for beginners. It focuses on inculcating long term investment habits in order to reduce risk. One should not chase short term gains. In contrast, they should focus on wealth creation. 


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#2 One Up On The Wall Street Best Book for Beginners in Stock Market 

This is another most famous book for stock market investors. A successful mutual fund manager Peter Lynch is the author of this book. The book explains step by step on the basics of investment. Every novice trader must read this book before he starts investing. It talks about all the basic principles of investing from the scratch. Moreover, it describes six different types of stocks in the market. Also, teaches the way to approach them.


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#3 Beating The Street

Another classic by Peter Lynch, this book is a true page turner. He is not only a great author but is also a very successful mutual fund manager at Fidelity Investments. Another reason to follow his books is that he has a record of an annual return of over 30% on his portfolio for 13 years. This is a must read for investors who want to tap the market for long term opportunities. The book explains the basic fundamentals of choosing stocks in very simple language. This one is best seller books on stock market.

Beating-The-Street book

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#4 Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits Book for Long Term Investors 

Philip Fisher is the author of this brilliant books on the stock market. Besides that, Warren Buffett credits this book for most of his success. The book focuses on long term investment philosophy. It explains that growth stocks can generate huge profits if kept for long. Furthermore, he believes in the saying that conservative investors sleep well. You must read this book if you want to learn how to inspect a company qualitatively.


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#5 The Little Book That Beats The Market 

As the name suggests, it is one of the smallest books on the stock market. Furthermore, it has only 176 pages. The book explains about author’s proven‘magic formula investing’ method. This formula is an effective way of investing in quality stocks of companies at discounted prices. The author explains that one should focus on two key factors before investing his hard earned money. These factors are earning yield and return on capital.


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#6 The Warren Buffett Way Book on Warren Buffet Investing Style

This is one of the most popular books on Warren Buffett classic investing strategy. The book explains his way of investing, his strategies, etc. Moreover, the book is written is simple and easy to understand language. If you want to be successful like Buffett, you must read this book. It will give you an insight into all the necessary aspects to achieve similar success. So read the book and apply the Buffett principles to your portfolio. 

The Warren Buffett Way Book

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#7 Stocks To Riches 

The Indian author Parag Parikh has written this book. In addition, an average person can also easily understand the language and concepts of the book. The book explains everything about the stock market. It is one of the best stock market books for beginners to read before they enter the market. It helps you earn money by following the proven and time-tested guidelines given in the book.


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#8 Learn To Earn 

Mutual-fund superstar Peter Lynch and author John Rothchild have come out with this amazing book on the stock market. The book explains the basic principles of investing. It gives an insight into the economy, market and capitalization. A high school goer or a person from the non-commerce background can easily understand this book. Moreover, it teaches basics like how to read a company’s annual report, how to interpret stock table in the newspaper, etc. 

Learn To Earn

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#9 How To Avoid Loss And Earn Consistently In The Stock Market 

The author Prasenjit Paulhas made a genuine effort to guide beginner investors through this book. It is an easy to understand and practical guide for investors. The book explains the Indian stock market scenario and winning strategies. One can learn basic stock market fundamentals like how to select growth stocks, when to buy or sell stocks, how to avoid losses, etc.


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#10 Stocks For The Long Run Great Book for Long Term Investors

This is one of the best books by Jeremy Siegel which focus on maximizing long term portfolio growth. The author demonstrates and evaluates major factors which influence the risk and returns in the stock market. He stresses that if you are seeking long term growth, stocks are the best asset class to hold. Moreover, this book will definitely help you make best investment decisions. this one is one the best books on stock market.


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As they say, books are the great source of knowledge! The above list of top 10 books on the stock market is a must read for every trader or investor. Furthermore, it will give you a different market perspective for investment.

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