Top 10 Movies on Stock Market You Should Watch

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Top 10 Movies on Stock Market You Should Watch

Top 10 Movies on Stock Market : Are you a stock market freak? If yes, you must take out some time off from trading and watch these wonderful movies on the stock market. Some of these movies are based on the real life events like 2008 stock market crash, 1987 market meltdown, etc. So watch these movies and get more insight movies on stock market.

Most Famous Movies on Stock Market

#1 The Big Short

The movie revolves around 2008 stock market crash. This is one of the huge crashes in the history of the stock market. Moreover, it cost 8 million people their job and home. The movie portrays the story of four extraordinary human beings in the world of finance. These people predicted the 2008 market crash well in advance. Because of which they entered short while everyone else was making long positions. Their foresight earned them huge money for their investors.

#2 Wall Street

The movie depicts the story of a young and impatient stockbroker. He aspires to achieve success by all means. Therefore, he takes the wrong path. He starts to trade on illegal inside information taken from a greedy corporate raider. Later he lands up in the prison.

#3 The Wolf of Wall Street

This is one of the most popular movies ever made on the stock market. The movie is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort. The movie showcases his life from rising to a wealthy stockbroker to his fall. The wealthy stock broker gets involved in crime, corruption and fraud on Wall Street. This ultimately leads to his downfall.

#4 Trading Places

The movie depicts the story of a commodity broker and a homeless street hustler. Both of them unknowingly form part of a bet made by two rich brothers. They bet upon whether it is a person’s heredity or his environment that determines how well they will do in life. The rich brothers made the commodity broker and street hustler switch their lives by trading places. They eventually outsmart them and made a huge profit on orange juice futures. While the rich brothers suffered enormous losses.

#5 Inside Job

The movie takes a closer look at what led to the financial meltdown of 2008. It was the worst recession which led to the global financial collapse. It documents the research and interviews of journalists, politicians, key financial industry leaders, etc. to discern the reality.

#6 Boiler Room

The story centers on a college dropout and his experiences in stock market trading. He once used to run an unlicensed casino. He decides to switch to a better job.He then joins a suburban brokerage firm and earns good money. After few months, he learns that his new job is more unethical than his previous one. He realizes that the company he is working for is cheating on clients. They are selling clients shares that don’t even exist.

#7 Too Big To Fail

This is a must watch the movie for the novice as well as experienced traders. The movie showcases the inside story of how Wall Street fought to save the financial system after the 2008 financial crises. It throws light on the actions of the U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to curb the after effects.

#8 Margin Call

The movie circles around the 24 hour period during the early stages of the 2008 financial meltdown. The movie showcases the agony of an analyst at a famous Wall Street investment bank. The firm is downsizing and one of the analysts unlocks information that could cause the downfall of the investment bank. What follows is along night of panic and strategies to mitigate the consequences.

#9 Trader

The story is about the predictions made by Paul Tudor Jones about the 1987 market crash. The movie explains about the working of the futures market. You must watch this documentary if you desire to make money and be on the Wall Street.

#10 Billion Dollar Day

Financial markets are an interesting and attractive area of interest for almost all of us. This documentary showcases how three foreign exchange traders carry out their trading activities. These traders are based in New York, Hong Kong and London. It is an experience in itself to watch how trading used to happen in the 80’s. Also, it is interesting to see where Forex trading stood during that time.

The above is the list of top 10 popular movies on stock market . The list is long. You must watch them to learn some secret trading tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts while trading, etc.

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