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Must Watch Stock Market Movies Scenes [ For Every Market Lover ]

Top Five Stock Market Movies Scenes : If you love to trade in stocks, we bring to you an article on must watch stock market movies scenes. Movies have always been an integral part of our culture. In fact, we connect our lives with characters in the film. The movies stay with us forever.

Emotions Linked With Stock Market Movies Scenes

The stock market is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes years of experience and lot of hard work to make good money in the stock markets. The emotions always run high for the trader and investor. In fact, many Hollywood movies have also shown scenes featuring the stock exchanges. Some of the stock market movie scenes will remind you of your experience in the market.

Let us have a look at some of the stock markets movies scenes.

Top 5 Stock Market Movies Scenes

  1. The Dark Knight Rises

Who can forget the memorable character of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? Although, we know the fact that the stock market cannot be robbed. But, Bane made his way to the stock market, not with the intention of robbing. In fact, he chose the stock market to destroy the world economy. The whole scene is hard to believe. Nevertheless, this scene would surely be among the craziest stock market movie scene.

  1. 25 Hours 

It is that kind of a scene where people go maniac in the office. It showcases people going berserk and ready to cut the throat of each other. Everyone in the office remains on the edge of the seat, seeing the price movement of the stock. You can easily relate this scene to real life. The price fluctuation in stock prices giving a nervous breakdown. In fact, it is very true that people go nervous while doing trading in stock market. This makes it a popular stock market movie scene.

  1. Limitless

It portrays a man who does things that he always dreamt. His brain is acting as if it is high on drugs. In fact, the crazy things that he is able to do include writing a book in a matter of days, remembering the old things that date back to many years ago, etc. The most amazing thing he is able to do is to become a stock market king overnight. From thereon sky is the limit for him. The passage of his journey towards becoming a stock market king has been depicted well. To conclude things, it makes to the list of top stock markets movie scene.

  1. What Happens in Vegas

Stock markets have many nicknames. The name that suits it the most is snake pit. In the movie, people are trying to spoil each other’s game at the stock market. They are trying to find ways of how they can pull the other person down. To sum up, the movie is all about him screwing the life of other people in the stock market. In fact, destroying each other is normal in the movie. To conclude, the instance of the movie showcasing the stock market is very interesting. This is easily among the must watch stock markets movie scene.

  1. Trading Places 

When it comes to stock markets movie scene, Trading Places shall rank on top. The film has everything featuring the stock exchange. The Orange Juice Trade scene is one of the finest stock market scenes. When the numbers start flashing and people came to know about success. The scene was worth enjoying. The moment gave us a glimpse of how people in the stock market feel when the price rises in their favor. To conclude, this movie is one of the best as far as depicting stock markets is concerned.

These are few of the movie scenes you must watch to call yourself a stock market freak. There is a lot to learn from the movie scenes as well. They can give you a broader spectrum to think. You gain an insight into different aspects of the stock market.

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