What are the Best features of AmiBroker Software?

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What are the Best features of AmiBroker Software?

Best Features of AmiBroker : AmiBroker is an advanced trading software and world’s most celebrated charting platform. The modern technical tool is popular worldwide. It fetches data from its server and puts it to further analysis. It is the best tool for analysing currencies, futures, options, stocks, and others.

AmiBroker’s popularity is due to its wonderful features. This article highlights its main features.

Features of AmiBroker Software

AmiBroker is the most popular among all trading programs available. The features will self-explain why it is the best technical analysis platform.

  1. Flexibility – AmiBroker offers a very flexible and navigable user interface. Arrange the interface as per your preference. It very well supports the many monitor set-ups. The user can dock the windows as he needs.
  2. Attractive easy-to-use Charts – The charts are presentable with beautiful gradients and styles. The structure offers an easy modification of parameters using the sliders.
  3. DatabaseAmiBroker trading software stores historical data and builds up the useful The database is available with powerful filter options.
  4. Treasure of Symbols and Quotes – Abundant symbols and quotes are appealing.
  5. Powerful Charting–Unlimited drawing tools, drag and drop tools, and time frames In-built indicators, and others make the charting powerful.
  6. Faster Formula Language – The advanced formula language allows to create your own trading systems. You can create your own comments. Traders can write their technical analysis formulas. AmiBroker has more than 200 in-built AFL functions here.
  7. Back-testing and screening – The back-testing feature tests the system’s performance. It works on the basis of stored historical database.
  8. Scoring and Ranking –AmiBroker performs bar to bar analysis of rankings on the basis of position score. This feature comes to help if there are many entry signals on a single bar. When you run out of buying power, the feature finds an option of trade for you.
  9. Monte Carlo Simulation –The feature peeks into the possible results under worst conditions. It checks your probabilities in the worst scenarios.
  10. Faster Performance -The system tests, commentaries, and auto-analysis run much faster.
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You may learn to use the software with the help of share market blogs and online forums.

AmiBroker Editions

The TA platform comes in three different editions. All the three editions carry different prices and different levels of functionalities.

  1. Entry Level Standard Edition

This 32 bit entry level version is for swing traders and end-of-day. The edition covers 24 months support and upgrades. The version costs lowest among all the three editions.

  1. Professional Edition

The edition includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It offers end-of-day and real time analytical platform with optimization and back-testing. The version covers 24thmonths free support and upgrades.

  1. Ultimate Pack Pro

The ultimate pack pro too offers free upgrades and service for 24 months. The costliest edition offers useful programs i.e. AFL Code Wizard, Algo Trading and AmiQuote.

We have thrown a light on major features of AmiBroker, you will explore more as you use it. Thus, Amibroker holds countless features for trading analysis.

Amibroker Website: www.amibroker.com


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