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Amibroker AFL Strategy and Formula

Amibroker is one of the best trading tools for traders. It is one of the world’s top technical analysis platform and has tonnes of useful features. The system works with customized indicators, and the investors can run it on an automated basis.

It is important to have knowledge of Amibroker Formula Language (AFL) to build a strong trading system. AFL is a natural programming language. Anyone can learn AFL and create a customized trading system. It will save you from the cost of buying instant AFLs.

Now let us understand what is Amibroker AFL Strategy and Formula?

What Is Amibroker Formula Language (AFL) Strategy And Formula?

There is no trading strategy that allows free flow of money. However, AFL strategy is like an instant profit-making machine. AFL offers technologies to work out the most suitable trading plan. Unless you deploy the strategy accurately, it does not guarantee a profit. A right AFL formula also needs a discretionary layer and execution layer.

Now, let’s understand about some of the important points for Amibroker formula language.

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Amibroker AFL Strategy and Formula

AmiBroker comprises a whole world of a powerful formula language. The language enables you to write your own trading system rules. The users can define their own customized commentaries and they can build their own indicators. AFL is very useful for determining the trading rules in automatic analysis window along with commentaries. AFL also defines the indicator formulas in the editor window.

The following points shall help you in setting your trading strategies.

  1. Before building your strategy on AFL, test it on different time frames and symbols. Make sure the results are matching with the original data.
  2. Test the system in various market conditions.
  3. A good AFL works well in all types of market conditions.
  4. Ensure that the results of the tests differ after you integrate the commission factor.

To understand the AFL, it is essential to know how the windows work.

Automatic Analysis Windows

Amibroker’s analysis window checks your quotations by matching it with buying/selling rules. The user can enter the buying or selling rules in the entry field of the window. Simulation of trading by the window gives you an insight into your system’s performance. The rules are the statements in AmiBroker’s formula language. The user needs to write two statements, i.e., rules for buying and selling.

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AmiBroker Formula Editor

The formula editor allows a trader to write and edit formulas. These formulas act as indicators. They also work in the automatic analysis window.

Creating Your Indicators in AFL

You can create your indicators using two different ways. 

  • By using drag and drop interface. 
  • By writing your own formula in the formula editor. The drag and drop method does not need any code.

AmiBroker Commentary Window

The commentary window describes the technical situation in the given market conditions. The commentaries are shown on the basis of formulas written by you. The analysis also reflects the buying and selling signals in a graphical mode.

With the use of AFL, the traders can build their own in-house analytical program. There are many services available to frame the AFL strategies as per the user’s request. By learning the formula editor guide, the users can create strategies on their own.

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