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Zerodha Login

Zerodha is one of the well-known discount brokers of India. The Bengaluru based company has made a big name for itself in a very short span of time. Zerodha Console is one of the most popular trading applications among users. In this article, you will learn about all the details about Zerodha Console.

Review of Zerodha Console

In the year 2014, Zerodha brought its first back-office application and later brought upgradation by replacing it with Zerodha Console. The aim of Zerodha Q was to provide financial assistance to investors and traders using the Zerodha Backoffice application. ‘Console’ being the latest Zerodha Backoffice application has integration with “Zerodha Kite”. Console was introduced in the year 2018. It comes with new generation features and rectifying the drawbacks of “Q”. Thus, Zerodha Console provides the account holders with the latest features. The various uses of Zerodha Console are as follows;

  • All the information about the trading account like debit and credit.
  • Access to multiple research reports at a single place.
  • Placing a withdrawal request.
  • Downloading margin statements, contract notes, etc.
  • Accessibility to the latest analytic tools for trading purposes.
  • Tracking the position of portfolio, stocks and mutual funds.

Let us now learn about Zerodha Console App.

Zerodha Console App

There is no Zerodha Console App yet for the users. You can access the Zerodha account with Zerodha Kite. You can log in to the application and get access to all the information about the account at Zerodha Backoffice, Console.

Let us now learn how you can log in to Zerodha Console.

Zerodha Login Console

All the account holders of Zerodha will get a login to Zerodha Console. If the customer is having an 8 digit customer ID, he will not be able to log in. He needs to raise the ticket and get 6 digit client ID to log in to Console. Here are the steps to log in to Console;

  • When you open the Zerodha login page, click on “Login with Kite”. Zerodha functions on the Single Sign-On (SSO) model which means that you can log in the account with a single-user ID. Therefore, with SSO you can sign into multiple Zerodha applications with just one user ID.
  • Now you must answer the five 2FA security questions.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • You have now logged in to the new Zerodha login Console.

Let us now learn about Zerodha Console features.

Zerodha Console Features

  • Dashboard

The dashboard is the screen that you see after logging into the website. This screen shows the graphical summary of your trading account.

  • Portfolio

As the name suggests, this option shows the position of your holdings along with the various other details. You can see all the stock purchase and holding in this section. If you want to know the stocks that you were holding on a specific date, you can choose a date to get the result. If you want to know about the particular share held by you, then you just need to type the name of the script in the search bar and press enter. There are many more features under the portfolio head that you can discover upon regular usage.

  • Reports

Depending on your preference, you can get various reports by clicking on the “report” option. When you will click on the “report” you will get 4 dropdown menus to select your preference from the corresponding item of the menu.

  • Trade book

This section shows all the trading transactions along with the segment, range of date, etc. You can either view or download the trade report.

  • P&L

Profits and Loss segment shows the gains or losses that you have made during trading. You can go to “reports” and click on the “P&L” option. Here you can download the P&L report to a spreadsheet, or view it as per date or have a combined view of realized and unrealized profits.

  • Tax P&L

Under this section, you can view the tax payable on the profit and loss made by you while trading through Zerodha Console or Q.

  • Downloads

With this feature you can download any report you require. Here you can download reports, contract notes, etc. according to your preference.

  • Funds

It is a very simple feature that is very useful for all the activities in relation to funds.

  • Zerodha ZPin

It is an important feature of trading. It is a numerical ID that is unique to your Zerodha BackOffice

 Account. To know your ZPin, you must go to the “client ID” and select “My profile”.

  • Referral Program

Zerodha Console has a referral program but without a bonus.

Let us now learn about Zerodha Console charges.

Zerodha Console Charges

Zerodha Console is one of the leading brokers in India because of lower charges. There are no specific charges of using Zerodha Console. You can avail of the benefits of Zerodha services with the least brokerage by keeping track of all the stock market information and transaction history.



Zerodha Console is undoubtedly one of the best brokers of India. The simple one-step Zerodha login process and lowest brokerage charges make it the best pick in the market. The simple interface of Zerodha Console makes it very user-friendly. Even beginners can use the platform very easily. Another benefit of using Zerodha is their easy to reach customer care team. Their team remains active and provides great assistance to use any kind of service.

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