Top 10 Companies with Highest Share Price in India

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Top 10 Companies with Highest Share Price in India

Through this article, you will get to know about the “Top 10 Companies with Highest Share Price in India”

In these article, we will we represent the top 10 companies that are best large companies for the investment purpose.

Large cap companies are define by those companies which has very high stock price.

As the need of the human being is growing and so as they think their income should increase.

So, they are finding the ways to increase their income.

As most of the individuals searches ends here in the stock market as this is the place where if you have worked with patience then you can earn a good amount of money.

For the beginner, they find it risky to make the investment in the volatility with the stocks and they can make losses rapidly than the profits.

So, for them it is advisable to make investment in the large cap companies at the start of their career in the stock market.

As in the large cap companies they get the opportunity to trade with higher share price that it is not so volatile in nature.

At the start, the investors can also choose to make their investment in the mutual fund as it also provide a good income source to the investors.

Let’s further continue with our article on “Top 10 Companies with Highest Price in India.”

The share prices of the following companies is on the latest date of 3-4-2020.

Top 10 Companies with Highest Share Price in India as on 3-4-2020

1. MRF Limited (54,997.50)

MRF Limited Logo
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  • MRF stands for Madras Rubber Factory and it is the leading tire manufacture in India.
  • This company is the top leading company in India that has the highest stock price in India.
  • Currently, on 3-4-2020 the company share price is 54,997.50 (Data from the National Stock Exchange).

2. Honeywell Automation India Private Limited (24,600)

Honeywell Logo
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  • Honeywell Automation India Private Limited Company deals with the manufacturing of the equipment of the electronic systems, components, trading of the machinery, supplies and repair the products.
  • This company has the good market reputation with the great market capitalization and makes the investors to choose them for investment. (Price Source: NSE)

3. 3M India (17,400.05)

3M India Logo
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  • 3M India is a diversified company which has his involvement in many type of products like healthcare, cleansing, dental, cement and many more.
  • This company was formally known as Minnsota Minning and Manufacturing Company.
  • Currently, the share price is at 17,400.05 which makes it to come under the Top 3 large cap companies (Price from NSE)

4. Page Industries (16,490.20)

Page Industries Logo
Image Source:
  • Page Industries are involved to the Jockey brand which is the leading company for the inner wear and for undergarments across the worldwide.
  • In the past years, it is immensely growing into this sector which makes him enter in the large cap companies and that to under the top 10 list.
  • Currently the stock price is 16,490.20 (Share price from National Stock Exchange (NSE)).

5. Shree Cement (15,500)

Shree Cement Logo
Image Source:
  • Shree Cement is the largest cement production house in India.
  • It is the brand of the famous Bangur Cement that has been prominent seller in the market.
  • Currently, the share price is traded at 15,500 (Information from NSE)

6. Nestle India (15,070)

Nestle India Logo
Image Source:
  • Nestle is a Swiss multinational food and drink processing company and it is prominently a leading brand in India.
  • Most of the population used to consume its products in their daily life schedule and from this it becomes the another large cap industry in India
  • Currently, the share price is 15,020 (Information from NSE)
  • Eicher Motors (12,615)
  • Eicher Motors in engaged in the manufacturing of the products that are required in the automobile industry.
  • This company is also a fastest growing company in their industry.
  • Currently, the share price is down at 12,615 as the indices are down due to the pandemic situation and it is expected to grow in future.

8. Procter and Gamble Hygiene and Health Limited (10,500)

P&G Logo
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  • This company is most popularly known as P&G and it is well-established his grown in hygiene and healthcare industry in India.
  • In every home, there is minimum two to three products of this company which makes them the top-most companies in India and investors find this company lucrative for the investment purpose.
  • Currently, this is traded at 10,500 (Data from NSE)

9. Bombay Oxygen (10,350)

Bombay Oxygen
Image Source:
  • Bombay Oxygen is into the business of manufacturing and supplying of the Industrial gases.
  • It also has the significant growth in the industry which makes it as the large cap company.
  • Currently, the share price of this company is at 10,350 (Source from Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)).

10. Bosch (8,825)

Bosch Logo
Image Source:
  • This company is a leading German engineering and electronics based brand.
  • In the past years, as the increment in the popularity, the company also gains in the stock price.
  • Currently, it is traded at 8,825 (Source from NSE) beforehand its share price used to be high than this.

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