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Top 10 Best FMCG Companies in India

Top 10 Best FMCG Companies in India: FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods and accounts for 15% GDP of the country while employing around 10 million people. The demand for such products has widely increased due to increased urbanization, lower prices of all the products, and more retail shops. Also known as consumer packaged goods, they include varieties like packaged foods, drinks, toiletries, cosmetics, etc. After experiencing a sudden shift from traditional grocery stores to modern retail supermarkets, the demand for FMCG goods has drastically increased.

The Top 10 Best FMCG companies in India are listed below:-

1. Adani Wilmar:-

No.1 Adani Wilmar: 10 Best FMCG companies in India for 2022

Adani Wilmar, founded in 1999, is a joint venture between the Adani Group and the Singaporean Wilmar Group.

It covers all the kitchen commodities and works under the brand names “Fortune”, “Jubilee”, and “Golden Chef”. In May 2022, it announced the acquisition of Kohinoor Brand from McCormick Switzerland.

The company recently started offering soaps under the brand name “Alife”.

Revenue: – Rs.52, 361 Cr.

Net Profit: – Rs.2022 Cr.

Debt- Equity Ratio: – 0.34

2. Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL):-

No.2 HUL: 10 Best FMCG companies in India for 2022

HUL, established in 1933, is one of India’s oldest FMCG companies, serving over 2 billion customers with its headquarters in Mumbai.

With 35 brands across 20 categories, HUL has a diversified sector under the brand names “Knorr”, “Dove”, and “Surf Excel”.

In April 2020, HUL merged with GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare for Rs. 3045 crores and then owned brands like “Horlicks” and “Viva”.

Revenue:-Rs.40, 511 Cr.

Net Profit:-Rs. 2327 Cr.

Debt- Equity Ratio: – 0.01

3. Indian Tobacco Company (ITC):-

No.3 ITC: 10 Best FMCG companies in India for 2022

ITC Ltd., a premium brand with a multi-business portfolio, was established in 1910.

Its headquarters are located in Kolkata.

The products that come under the head of ITC are very diversified. Its main product is cigarettes, and its brands include “Fiama Di Wills,” “Vivel,” “Classmate,” “Navy Cut,” and “Old Flake.”

Also, the company focuses on its hospitality, packaging, IT.

Revenue: – Rs.51, 321 Cr.

Net Profit: – Rs. 4191 Cr.

Debt- Equity Ratio: – 0.00

4. Nestle India:-


Nestle, incorporated in 1912, is a famous food and beverage company with its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. The Indian offices are in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.

They work towards nutritional wellbeing for their customers and cater to their needs with several other food and beverage sectors. Popular names under Nestle are “Nescafe”, “Maggi”, “Kit-Kat”, and “Nestea”.

Revenue: – Rs.12, 117 Cr.

Net Profit:-Rs. 594.7 Cr.

Debt- Equity Ratio: – 0.02

5. Colgate- Palmolive:-


Colgate- Palmolive, incorporated way back in the 19th century, has a leading business segment in toothpaste and other related toiletries.

Its headquarters are located in New York. With the Indian market, it has grown well with brands like “Colgate Toothpaste”, “Palmolive Naturals”, and “Halo Shampoo”.

Revenue:-Rs.12, 045 Cr.

Net Profit: – Rs. 323.6 Cr.

Debt- Equity Ratio: – 0.02

6. Parle Agro:-


Parle Agro, established in 1985, has its headquarters in Mumbai.

Its leading business segments are in biscuits, canned juices, and refreshment drinks. It has over 5000 plus employees, the company has nearly established 76 assembling units and all are running efficiently as well as effectively.

The main brands covered by Parle Agro are “Frooti”, “Appy”, Parle G”, “Bailey”, etc.

Revenue:-Rs 10, 000 Cr.

Net Profit:-Rs. 1.39 Cr.

Debt- Equity Ratio: – 0.01

7. Britannia Industries Limited:-


Britannia Industries Limited, established in 1892, has its headquarters in Kolkata. It is the oldest company in India and works with the tagline “Eat Healthy, Think Better”.

It is India’s first zero trans fat company by removing several tonnes of trans fat from its items and by adding several supplements and nutrients that are essential to your body. By doing this, the company has been awarded with the Golden Peacock National Quality Award and the Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award for taking such an initiative.

The main products served by the company are biscuits, breads, cookies, rusks, cakes, and other dairy products.

Revenue:-Rs. 11, 211 Cr.

Net Profit: – Rs. 413.4 Cr.

Debt- Equity Ratio: – 0.04

8. Marico Limited:-


Marico Limited, founded in 1990, has its headquarters in Mumbai. It is present in over 25 countries and has seen an emerging market in Asia and Africa.

The company mainly focuses on skincare, haircare, and other men’s grooming products. The main brands owned by Marico are “Parachute,” “Set Wet,” “Livon,” “Nihar,” etc.

The main or most desirable brand of the company is Parachute.

Revenue: – Rs.7, 465 Cr.

Net Profit:-Rs. 293 Cr.

Debt- Equity Ratio: – 0.10

9. Procter & Gamble (P&G):-


Procter & Gamble, founded in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble, has its headquarters in Mumbai.

The company manufactures items that are associated with consumer well-being and prosperity, kid care, clothing care, and other family utilization products.

The main brands covered by P&G are “Head & Shoulders”, “Ariel”, “Pampers”, “Ambi Pur”, “Vicks”, “Whisper”, “Oral- B”, etc.

Revenue:-Rs. 19, 381 Cr.

Net Profit:-Rs. 176.80 Cr.

Debt- Equity Ratio: – 0.00

10. Amul:-


Amul, formed in 1946, is a collaborative body, managed by the Gujarat United Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GUMMF) and the apex body of 13 District Milk Unions, which are operating in various towns of Gujarat.

The foundation of the company has played a very crucial role in the White Revolution in India. This led to the countries becoming the world’s largest patrons of milk and other dairy products.

Initially, the company only focused on milk, but with the passage of time, it has advanced to other products like ghee, paneer, cheese, and cream.

The main brands under the company’s domain are “Amul Pro”, “Amul Cheese”, “Amul Ice Cream”, etc.

Revenue:-Rs. 386 billion Cr.

Net Profit:-Rs. 14 Cr.

Debt- Equity Ratio: – 0.00


There are only a few companies that control the FMCG industry in the US, but in India, this sector has a huge outgrowth. Retail stores like Reliance Retail, D-Mart, More, etc. are mere ordinary stores supporting the FMCG industry in India.

These are the best and most innovative FMCG companies in India because of their packing, marketing, product quality, and manufacturing. Other reasons for it being successful are its easy availability, customer grievances, etc.

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