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Radhakishan Damani is one of the legendary value investors of India. He is not only the king of the stock market but also the king of the retail market. He is a source of inspiration to many investors and entrepreneurs across the globe. Through his hard work, knowledge and determination, the veteran Mumbai investor has built an empire for himself. In this article, we shall have a look at the Radhakishan Damani Net Worth.

Born: 1954 (age 66 years), Bikaner

Nationality: Indian

Net worth: 1,520 crores USD (2020)

Parents: Shivkishanji Damani

Organization founded: DMart

Net Worth of RK Damani

Radhakishan Damani Net Worth is said to be around 1,500 crores USD. Riding on the success of Avenue Supermarts, he is the second richest person in India. Damani holds a stake in many companies apart from holding the retail outlets with the name of D-Mart. D-Mart is promoted by his company, Avenue Supermarts Ltd. Avenue Supermarts Ltd. is India’s most profitable retailer with 196 stores across the country.  He also owns a property of 156 rooms in Radisson Blu Resort in Alibag that is a popular beach gateway near Mumbai.

RK Damani rarely makes any social appearances and never discloses the charity or social work done by him. He had funded the construction of two guest houses of ‘Maheshwari Pragati Mandal’ in Mumbai and even asked the authorities to not disclose his name.

Let us learn what RK Damani can buy with his net worth

What RK Damani Can Buy?

with the Radhakishan Damani Net Worth owns he can;

  • Purchase 6.14M troy ounces of gold, and
  • 366M barrels of crude oil

The above purchases are equivalent to

  • 0.0507% of the GDP of the United States
  • 0.196% of the total wealth of the 500 richest people in the world
  • 2.63% of the top 100 U.S. college endowments
  • 165% of the top 200 U.S. executives’ total awarded compensation
  • 0.590% of U.S. existing home sales
  • 164,814 times the median U.S. household income

RK Damani made all this wealth by himself. From being raised in a one-room apartment to being a billionaire, his journey has been remarkable. If you also want to make it big in the market, you must visit Trading Fuel. Trading Fuel is a website that provides stock market education in the form of blogs and articles. All the content on the page is free of cost. Subscribe to our page to get your daily dose of information about the stock market. By following our articles and blogs you can become a successful investor and a professional intraday trader.


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