How to Trade in Intraday in India?

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How to Trade in Intraday in India?

How to Trade in Intraday in India?:

As from the past till today the numbers of the participants has been increased in the stock market.

So, as more number of the participants enters in the stock market with some different goals or perspective and in the end everyone wants to book profit.

So, as the intraday trading has been opted by many individuals as in intraday there are no long term waiting this is the short term process for earning the money.

So, in this article you will get to know “How to Trade in Intraday in India?”

You also need to specify with the risk you can take and the capital allocation for every transaction in the intraday trading.

You just need to be calm while doing the trading as this trading is risky but if done with proper research and practice then one can easily achieve the higher returns.

Through this article, you will also get to know about the strategies and tips that will be successful for the intraday traders.

Let us begin with the basics by understanding the definition of Intraday Trading:

What is Intraday Trading?

Intraday trading defines about the positions are took place once the market opens and on the same day the positions are squared off before the market closes down.

You can also address this trading as “Day Trading”

Intraday trading is not suitable for everyone as it needs a more of learning and practical approach.

In this, there is no role of emotions as this is the negative effect to earn profits from the intraday trading.

As you know that the period of intraday trading is for short term and there is no shortcuts for earning profits this only requires lots of research, practice and experience in the stock market.

There has been a mentality in the trader’s thought that they can be rich with single trade in the stock market.

But this is totally inappropriate as everything needs time and learnings and slowly gradually only you can achieve the goals with the determination and with the continuously learnings about the concept of the stock market.

Traders of intraday need to put more efforts for more than months since they started as an intraday trader as because in the end only the efforts and correct learnings will be pay off.

Now, that you know about the Intraday Trading after that if you had made the decision to opt for the intraday trading then, you need to choose any of the broker for opening the demat account and trading account for placing the trades in the live market.

You can choose either ways like online and offline both.

But there are some important points, you need to check before choosing the broker like:

  1. Costs that are implied by the broker, choose the broker that charges you less costs for per transactions.
  2. Support, you will need to choose that broker that will give you full support in the trading hours so that you can’t have any problems while punching the orders.
  3. Speed of execution, as you know the intraday traders has been increased and while the market starts many of the traders will punch the orders so that the speed of execution matters over here.
  4. Spreads, choose the broker with tight spreads that will be beneficial for you.
  5. Regulatory Compliance, you need to choose the broker that is regulated by the regulation body and so that they will protect your financial interests.

What can be traded in Intraday Trading?

a) Stocks or shares

b) Currency

c) Options

d) Futures

e) Forex

f) Commodities

g) Cryptocurrencies (as they are now legal in India)

Learn from books, articles, magazines, newspaper and from more sources regarding the concept and events in the stock market.

For knowing the strategies you can read our blogs on “Intraday Trading Strategies

Learn more about the patterns and focus on the technical analysis part.

Some more aspects that are important for the traders to point before intraday trading are:

  1. Capital Allocation
  2. Risk Management
  3. Risk per Trade
  4. Use the Stop Loss while trading
  5. Maintain a habit
  6. No Greed and No Fear Factor
  7. Read and Learn More
  8. To set up unique strategies
  9. To follow the above points with discipline


Through this article, I hope that you understand about “How to Trade in Intraday in India?” and this explains about how you can punch the trades in the intraday trading. You need a lot of efforts to put in in the intraday trading that only makes you pay one day. From this, you can also understand that habit and the discipline are two important things that plays important role in the stock market. Stay calm while punching the trade orders.

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