How to Trade Intraday in Indian Stock Market?

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How to Trade Intraday in Indian Stock Market

How to Trade Intraday in Indian Stock Market?:

You might know about the intraday trading?

If no, then we will come across the whole description of the intraday trading as this will be beneficial for all the beginners’ traders in the Indian Stock Market.

So, this article is completely on “How to Trade Intraday in Indian Stock Market”

And through this you will get the basics and the normal terminology used in the intraday trading.

Before starting the intraday trading, you need to first decide your risk appetite and the capital and after that only you should make decisions for further.

So let us first understand with the definition of “Intraday Trading”

Intraday Trading

Intraday Trading states about that when the traders open and closes their position on the same day with during the market hours.

This trading is also define as the “Day Trading”.

In this, the shares are not visible in the demat account but rather than they are transferred to the trading account.

As the intraday trader does not get ownership for the shares he owe as because the positions are squared off by the day end.

This is used for short-time in the way to earn money by using the proper knowledge about the market situations and its volatility.

This type of trading is suitable to that individuals who can take the risk and can follow the market closely.

The trader who can closely follows the market and the one who can perfectly time the trades can also turn out to be profitable in an intraday trading.

These all perfections needs more efforts like to study the market, read, and learn and to imply practically on the stock market.

Know More About “Intraday Trading

There are couple of rules for selecting stocks for intraday trades.

  1. The first rule is to do trading in liquid stocks. This will help you in later when you just exit your intraday position. Illiquid counters do the other of what eminent share market tips do. Always use NSE intraday calls or BSE intraday calls in sufficiently liquid counters. Gain confidence then eye intraday spinoff technical trades.
  2. Second rule is to select stocks that have medium to high volatility. Don’t do the trade in that stocks that exhibit terribly low swings. Then, your target worth might never be reached in a very day. As a part of your intraday trading methods, keep on with stocks with fair quantity of volatility.
  3. Third rule is trading solely with the present intraday trend. Avoid taking contra positions that are diametrically opposite to general market movement for the day.
  4. Fourth rule is to trade robust stocks in an uptrend, and trade weak in stocks in a very downtrend. This rule should be practiced diligently. Albeit you’ve got the simplest intraday tips, trading robust in stocks in downtrend may be a direction for disaster.
  5. Fifth rule is to hold back, several investors exploitation intraday trading tips usually get impatient. You’ll be needed to attend. Once there’s a pullback, trades will pay handsome profits. So, build patience an integral part of your intraday trading be it equity or commodity.
  6. Sixth and final rule is to require regular profits from intraday trading as operating. There’ll continually be trades wherever you create cash, and trades wherever you do not build cash. It’s vital to legitimatize share market tips that are showing gains. Profit booking helps you gain confidence.

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Now let us some main points for indicators of intraday trading,

The best intraday trading tip that’s given to any intraday trader is to follow the trend. 

An intraday trader ought to develop a decent understanding of the market and its trends.

For this purpose, intraday trading indicators once in addition to intraday ways supply money making returns.

There are multiple intraday trading indicators, the use of every indicator is totally different. 

Whereas some indicators indicate the volatility, different indicators show momentum and trend of the market.

All the indications supply deep insights into the market trend, its direction, momentum, quality of the stocks through volume assessment, the potential of profit. 

Of all these indicators gives a whole clarity of the market and facilitate the traders in creating sophisticated choices.

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Now let us see some pointers for,

Intraday Trade Charts

When doing intraday trading, it’s vital to possess a reference material that results in economical selections. 

This can be wherever the intraday charts play a crucial role.

Intraday charts are the foremost popular and usually employed by the trading community.

The charts depict the price-movement of stocks on a specific day.

The intraday charts are used for analyzing short-run, medium-term, and long term periods.

The 5 kinds of intraday charts particularly named hourly charts, 2-minute charts, 5-minute charts, 15-minute charts, and tick-trade charts give a holistic read of the performance of a specific stock. 

You’ll be able to efficiently set up your future trading methods by concerning these charts.

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Intraday Trade Time Management

While the intraday trading may be extremely profitable, it has some risks related to it.

Hence, it’s imperative to stay to a correct strategy and execute it. 

Time quantity analysis is important in intraday trading, it offers deep insights concerning the past, present, and probable way forward for the market. 

In spite of whether or not the trader is trading for short or long-run, being skilled in time analysis is that the key to success in intraday trading.

For time analysis, the intraday trading charts are valuable, the charts depict value movement at regular intervals.

This helps traders to require an appeal the position and arrange future actions.


This article contains the detailed information about “How to Trade Intraday in Indian Stock Market” and also about the time management and also charting. Hope that you find it useful for yourself and you can also share this with your mates to also make them know about this.

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