10 Intraday Trading Tips for Making Profits

How to Make Profits in Intraday Trading ? : Intraday trading is buying and selling shares on the same day. Generally intraday involves small margin profits. However, good profit is made by repeated trading. Trading large quantities has also proved beneficial.

However, the risk is always present with the intraday trading. Unless you follow some golden rules, you might end up losing. We have shared here some useful tips for intraday trading. Following these tips will help you to make profits fast.

How to Earn Profits with Intraday Trading?

Here are some easy tips for intraday traders to earn good profits:

  1. Keep stop loss rather than booking profit. Keeping stop loss for profit will help a lot. One can also revise as per the movement.
  2. Avoiding panicking is yet another good thing to do. Don’t panic if the trend is going against your investment. Wait for some time and watch the trend. Enter in some other stock after watching the trend properly.
  3. Keep daily targets for profit and loss. Target as per your ability to take risks. Once your target is fulfill, exit all the positions. Most of the traders keep 10000 profit target for a day.
  4. Intraday Trading strategy of opening range breakout is good for seasoned traders and beginners. Using the indicators properly and assessing market sentiments are recommend.
  5. The amateur intraday traders should understand the ration of risk to reward. The initial ideal ration is minimum 3:1. This will help you earn a decent profit. With this strategy, you may lose small but gain big.
  6. Using your experience, try to reduce your losses. Intraday trading mostly involves making small profits with diverse trades. Having a diverse portfolio helps in reducing your losses. Avoiding greed beyond your risk capability is yet another way to reduce loss.
  7. Avoiding excess of greed is one of the golden rules of intraday stock trading. Over trading led to big losses in most of the cases. An attempt to generate huge profits often lead to disastrous losses. Hence, focus on planning multiple trades and earning small profits. Avoid greed and over trading as direction of the stock may reverse.
  8. Accepting that intraday trading is also a game of profit and loss is the best thing. However, your experience will help you a lot. Gain insight into reading the market trends. Once you are a season trader of intraday, you will learn to track market. Keep reading news about company and government updates as well.
  9. Do not ignore the stocks you are selecting. Do proper research on the company. The reputation, past records, and market performance should be related.
  10. Learn using daily charts and other single day trading indicators. Get reviews on the best indicators available. The charting software will make your life easy without much stress. Decide the right time frame and chart indicators to invest. Avoid using charts with voluminous information. Select indicators that focus only on certain important information. You might get confused with too many information on the screen.

It is always recommended to keep half of your money as a backup reserve. Intraday traders normally should use 50% of their money. Intraday trading is all about earning profits on daily basis.


Prashant Raut is a successful professional stock market trader. He is an expert in understanding and analyzing technical charts. With his 8 years of experience and expertise, he delivers webinars on stock market concepts. He also bags the ‘Golden Book of World Record’ for having the highest number of people attending his webinar on share trading.

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