How to Find Intraday Stocks?

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How to Find Intraday Stocks?

How to Find Intraday Stocks?: In the Intraday stocks, for the traders, it becomes difficult for finding the correct stocks and that from 5000 companies that are listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and more than 1600 companies which are listed in National Stock Exchange (NSE).  From these companies, it becomes more complex to select the few shares for intraday trading. To make the complex process to be in the easy there are different outlook you need to watch. In this article, you will get to know about the process that will be mentioned in the below article.

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Top 5 Basic Ways to Find Intraday Stocks

1. Is the Stock is liquid?

Market liquidity is that the most significant thought once watching a stock for intraday trading. After all, you are do not wish to enter into a position and that they worry concerning however you’re aiming to exit identical. This downside unremarkably exists in small stocks and additional of the F&O stocks and therefore the higher finish of mid-cap stocks are unremarkably quite liquid. One of the essential measures of liquidity is to look at daily volumes as a proportion of market capitalization.

Liquidity = Average daily volumes / Market capitalization

While there are not any laborious and quick rules, a minimum liquidity quantitative relation of 10% ought to be the benchmark to contemplate a stock for intraday commercialism.

What will we perceive by low impact cost? It’s the impact on the stock value after you place to buy or sell order on the stock. Once the impact price is high, the danger of intraday becomes too high and thus such stocks ought to be avoided for intraday trading. High impact price implies that the worth at that you may get the stock might be unfavourable to you just in case of huge orders. This may modification the economic science of your intraday trade. Choose the stocks that have a low impact price that is generally another proxy for liquidity.

2. Is the Stock Widely Owned?

You can scrutinize these details within the ownership pattern of the stock that is offered on the websites of the exchange. You’ll conjointly get cues from the trading pattern of the stock. Stocks that don’t seem to be wide closely-held are a lot of volatile and can conjointly hit circuit filters simply. That’s as a result of one or two of market operators are able to corner these stocks quite simply if they’re not wide closely-held. As an intraday trader, always select the stocks that are liquid and wide closely-held. That may scale back your risk considerably.

3. Does the Stock Sustain Narrow Tick Spreads?

This is again an extension of the liquidity and also the impact price argument. However since we have a tendency that we are talking regarding intraday trader, the tick becomes important. The tick is the minimum gap between the 2 orders. There should be enough volumes on every tick to qualify for associate degree intraday trade.

You do not wish to put an order and understand that your order execution has really happened many ticks away. In intraday trades, you are attempting to capitalize trends then you ordinarily place market orders. Therefore the tick gap becomes a key thought for intraday stock choice. Smaller the tick gap, the better it’s for you.

4. Does it Show Clear and Decipherable Chart Patterns?

As an intraday trader, you would like to trust heavily on technical charts. Of course, you need to develop the capability to scan charts on your own. However specifically, make sure that the stock depicts clear chart patterns. It’s insufferable to change a stock that doesn’t have a significant history or that doesn’t depict a transparent pattern. Solely with an extended history, you’ll decipher patterns then trade for a repeat of those patterns.

5. What is the Price Sensitivity to News Flows?

An intraday dealer, typically, depends on 2 factors for trading that is the chart patterns and sensitivity to news flows. You can’t trade intraday in a very stock that doesn’t react to the news. Basically, you are viewing stocks that are extraordinarily sensitive to news. That’s why your strategy of buying for on expectations and selling on announcements will really work in practice.

Intraday trading is the maximum amount concerning obtaining the listing right because it is concerning discipline. The key here is to stay your stock universe restricted so you’ll do justice pursuit these stocks in terms of fundamentals, technical and news flows.

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