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Top 10 Best Investment Books for Indian Investors

Here, you see about the “Top 10 Best Investment Books for Indian Investors”

As I have already told you in many of the articles, that you should make a habit to read and learn.

It can be anything like the books, articles, journals, magazines and many more sources available to make yourself read and learn from them.

As I had also told you previously to read more about the successful investors and traders to get more knowledge about the stock market.

And many of the successful investors had written their journey of the stock market and also the strategies.

This will be very helpful for you as to learn for them and then to make the strategies by yourself in the stock market.

Well, in this article I would recommend you some books that are essential part for the investor or the traders to them at least once and learn from them.

As through this many of you also get idea to know and to read about them and you also get to know the base you need to make a start from.

The world’s top-most investors and the traders had admitted that by reading books and by practicing it you will get the best achievements in any of the particular field.

Let’s get started with,

Top 10 Best Investment Books

1. The Intelligent Investor – by Benjamin Graham

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  • This book is state as the bible of the stock market.
  • This books focuses more on value investing, margin of safety, the various concept of market.
  • This book also make you taught about the Risk management and about the defensive investors.
  • It shares about the concept of fundamental security analysis and also the advanced knowledge of finance and investment.

2. Beating the Street – by Peter Lynch

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  • Peter Lynch, was a fund manager also and the mutual fund superstar.
  • In his book, he shares about the stocks or in that companies you should select to invest in.
  • He had discussed about the type of investment you need to make where the business models seems bright.
  • He also describes about his learnings on when to sell the stocks and all these reasons make this interesting to read for.

3. How to Make Money in Stocks – by William O’ Neil

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  • This book gives the investors the guidance upon to make the smart investment.
  • He also made the discussion in his book about on picking the best sectors or the industry to make their investment in.
  • Also focuses on the various charts and the research tools.
  • Some tips about the valuations are also explained by the author.
  • This is one Best Investment Books for Indian Investors

4. The Little Book that Beats the Market –by Joel Greenblatt

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  • The author, through this books explains about the value of investing.
  • He had some kind of “Magic Formula” which makes most of the investors to read about this.
  • For fundamental investors, this book will really work out for you.
  • Also highlights some pointers for analysis the factors which might be helpful for selecting a good companies with better result.

5. Stock Market Investing for Beginners – by Tycho Press

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  • As the book suggest for the beginners, of for all the beginners out here that want to know that how choose the books from going through or the topics that you should learn or read step by step.
  • As it states for the beginners then this book contains the basic information of the stock market that is necessary for the beginner to understand at point in time.
  • Also the author makes some lights on the topic of the risk that are associated with the investment in the equity asset.
  • And not lastly but got to the benefit of diversifying a portfolio and how it works through this book by the author.

6. Value Investing and Behavioral Finance –by Parag Parikh

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  • How to be successful and a rational investor, this question always on your mind? Then this books has the solution in it.
  • It also makes the readers understand about the behavioral finance.
  • Provides the guidance for safe and sound investment decision should be taken by the investors.
  • It also made the readers understand on how to get alerts during the crisis kind of situation.

7. The Little Book of Valuation –by Aswath Damodaran

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(Price: ₹289.10)
  • Valuation – yes this is an important factor for every fundamental investor to know to become a successful investor in making the investment decision.
  • There are techniques for the valuations that has been taught by the author through this book for finding the best stocks.
  • The author made it easy for the readers to know this by explaining through numbers of examples and case studies kind of things.
  • Also the fundamental values of the valuation you will learn from this book.

8. Invest like Warren Buffet –by Matthew R. Kratter

Invest like Warren Buffet –by Matthew R. Kratter
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(Price: ₹278.00)
  • This book emphasis more focus to the powerful weapon to generate wealth is “Compounding”.
  • This book will make you understand about the great business and the mediocre business.
  • A strategy will be provided to you regarding to stress out while making the investment in the stock market.
  • Gives more knowledge to make money out from the bear market.

9. The Dhandho Investor –by Mohnish Pabrai

For Buy: Amazon Kindle (Price: ₹149)
  • This is an Indian author, who had expressed his investment and also provide us his knowledge for the same.
  • Dhandho is an Indian word for business and from this book you will learn about the how to learn the business and then to make investment in that.
  • The margin of safety as it is considered as the important factor while investing.
  • You need to make the investment in that business or companies that you know no matter what this business can be run for years and to get this understanding on the same from the book

10. Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts – by Santosh Nair

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(Price: ₹317 | 36% off)
  • Of –course, you know about the Dalal Street and this books discusses brief on this and also about the Indian Stock Market.
  • This books gives the idea of the financial condition of our country.
  • And discuss about the frauds and scams happened in India.
  • This book will give the learnings on about the market condition in brief.

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