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Which App is Best for The Share Market?

Which App is Best for The Share Market? – By, Trading Fuel

  • The Indian stock market is considered as one of the most profitable options, but with some risk.
  • For earning a profit, all we need is to choose a good broker or have good knowledge of the share market.
  • To avoid the hassles of finding a good broker, all we simply need is a good application.
  • With the help of apps, we can easily trade from wherever we are and wherever we want.

What is a Trading App?

  • The trading application allows you to facilitate trades in the stock market with the help of our smartphones.
  • The main benefit of the trading apps is that they provide us with the latest market news, research reports, prices of all the stocks, etc.
  • There are some trading apps that provide you with the benefit of investing in IPOs, mutual funds, gold, commodities, etc.
  • The basic feature of such apps is that you can easily buy and sell your shares with no time constraints or location hazards.
  • Replacing the brokers with the app is surreally a great step where we need to take necessary care and make sure that our app is reliable and worthy.

The main factors to be considered before choosing the best trading app are:

When you tend to choose an app for yourself, you also need to look at the attached factors.

The following are the main factors that should be considered before choosing any online trading app:

Which App is Best for The Share Market
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  • It is essential to check if the application is reliable or not.
  • If it is not reliable, then there is no need to trust or even invest in that application.
  • If we wish to check the reliability of the app, we can also check the policy, disclaimer, online reviews, and the security functions of the application.

The cost of using the application:

  • Every application will charge a reasonable fee for the services that they provide.
  • We have to make sure that the fees that we pay do not make our earnings or our earned profits zero.

User-friendly interface:

  • The app should be designed in such a way that it is user-friendly.
  • Such apps are helpful for easy trading as well as easy to use.


Before making an investment in any app, always check the features as they are an important part of any application. 

Key advantages and disadvantages of using the mobile app for trading:

  • We always have the pros and cons of any particular thing.
  • Similarly, using the mobile app for trading has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The following are the key advantages of using the mobile app for trading:

Cost-effectivenessThis system is cost-effective as there are no stock brokers involved and generally, stock brokers tend to charge a higher amount than these apps.
Better understandingThere are apps to learn about the stock market and these apps help you to invest without the constant intervention of the stock brokers and help you to manage funds in a more systematic way.
Greater controlInvestors can directly trade without depending on the stock brokers making them self-independent.
ConvenienceOpening an account here is a very easy process as the only thing you need is your bio-data, a good internet connection, and most importantly your smart device.
Faster transactionsApart from just trading, these apps offer facilities for quick payment and collection of funds.
Always keep tabsThese apps will display all your investments on a single page making it a single interface and thereby allowing you to buy and sell your stocks at your convenience as well as knowing your own profits or losses.
No middlemanApart from just the reduction of brokerage fees, there is zero interaction with the brokers making it a no-middleman zone.
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The following are the key disadvantages of using the mobile app for trading:

Smaller screen displayThere will be an issue regarding the screen size which in turn might limit the data available on the screen.
ConnectivityIn remote areas, there are connectivity issues that might lead to losses after order placements.
Limited accessSome of the mobile apps have very limited access to the market like international stock indices, stock prices, etc.
Slower speedsSlower speeds can cause several technical issues and might cause disruptions or delay while processing your order.
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List Of Top Ten The Best Trading Apps In India

  • After looking at the pros and cons of every app, here is attached the list of the top 10 best mobile apps for share market trading.
  • The following is the list of the top 10 share market trading apps in India:
Sr. No.Application Name
1Zerodha’s kite
3Angel Broking App
4HDFC Securities, mobile trading
5Sharekhan: Share Market App
7Fyers Market
8IIFL Markets
9Trade Free- Kotak Stock Trader
10Axis Direct App
Top 10 share market trading apps in India – Trading Fuel Research Lab

#1) Zerodha’s Kite

  • Zerodha is regarded as the best trading app in India.
  • The company has launched the Zerodha Kite mobile app, which helps its clients to avail all the benefits of trading just by using their phones.
  • The app comes with 100+ technical indicators to help traders with the most updated market news.
  • The smart search box helps the investor to find the relevant information about specific exchanges and will also help in tracking the performance of the shares.

Some of the important features of using this app are:

  1. Brand new technology.
  2. Dark mode option.
  3. Immediate update after placing the order.
  4. Multi-exit positions.
  5. Trading View charts along with ChartIQ.
Download: Zerodha’s Kite

#2) Upstox

  • This app offers investment in equities, mutual funds, digital gold, IPOs, and NFOs.
  • The company is backed by top investors like Ratan Tata and Tiger Global.
  • The app provides a fast, secure, and simple-to-use trading platform for its clients.
Video Source: https://youtu.be/HoAvJyo4c3U

Key features of using this app are:

  1. Zero brokerage on stock investments.
  2. Flat RS. 20 for intraday trading and F&O, currencies, and commodities.
  3. Access to advanced charting tools.
  4. Smart transfer, net banking, GPay, or BHIM payments.
  5. A demo is available for checking livestock prices and quotes from BSE, NSE, and MCX.
Download: Upstox

#3) Angel Broking App

  • The app includes numerous features such as 40+ technical indicators, Samrtbuzz, and Senisbull that will assist traders in staying up to date on market news and planning trades accordingly.
  • The company is also a very reliable Web Trading Platform, a Robo Advisory Platform, a Trading Terminal, and a Mutual Fund Web Application.
Video Source: https://youtu.be/pYhr0n6XHy4

Key features of using the app are:

  1. Watch lists across all the segments.
  2. In-depth reports on both the Indian and global markets.
  3. Convenient portfolio tracking.
  4. Live stream of prices and all the required intraday charts.
  5. Charts to get a detailed knowledge of all the stocks.
Download: Angel Broking App

#4) HDFC Securities, Mobile Trading

  • The app tries to provide you with live market data, daily research, and interactive demos that will provide you with the basis for your complete investment decisions.
  • Using this app, you can trade in both equities and derivatives.

The main features of using this app are:

  1. Real-time and detailed charts for intraday.
  2. Just a tap to find the next investment opportunity.
  3. Quick details of all the stocks with a single click.
  4. Trading in both equities as well as derivatives.
  5. Several watch lists for easy tracking and trading.
Download: HDFC Securities, Mobile Trading

#5) Sharekhan: Share Market App

  • The app is backed by BNP Paribas Group.
  • The app has different tutorials and blogs for new traders.
  • The app offers trading in stock market securities, ESOP financing, loans against shares, and many others.

Some of the main features of this app are:

  1. Watch a list of your favorite stocks.
  2. Advanced search, technical indicators, Sharekhan classroom, and mutual fund monitoring are some of the advanced features.
  3. Tick upon tick refresh of stock rates, graphs, and multiple prices.
  4. All market movements are displayed on a dashboard.
  5. Different types of orders like equities, F&O, etc.
Download: Sharekhan

#6) 5Paisa

  • The app comes with auto-invest and other technical analysis features.
  • The app comes with the facility of low brokerage and cutting-edge technology.
Video Source: https://youtu.be/F4nzOeYpLHc

Key features of this app are:

  1. 0% brokerage and a flat fee of Rs. 20 per order
  2. Transfer of funds is very easy.
  3. Live updates of all the stock indices.
  4. One single click for placing an order and executing the trade.
  5. Trading in all the segments.
Download: 5Paisa

#7) Fyers Markets

  • The app gives intraday charts with 65+ technical indicators to help investors in decision-making.
  • The app provides a versatile technology solution to help you trade quickly and safely.
Video Source: https://youtu.be/I6m-8DND3TY

The main features of the app are:

  1. Pre-defined watch list for easy trade.
  2. Major exchanges are easily available.
  3. Trading View charts with 22+ years of historical data.
  4. ADd favorites for easy and quick access.
  5. Easy and quick account opening.
Download: Fyers Markets

#8) IIFL Markets

  • The app has earned 5 awards for user-friendly services provided by it.
  • Clients can invest in and monitor their mutual fund investments with IIFL MF as well as IIFL Markets with the touch of a finger.
Video Source: https://youtu.be/VKCtwRT5sYI

Key features of this app are:

  1. News updates are linked directly with your investments.
  2. Quick-tap information about the stocks.
  3. Tips about stocks that are backed by research and complete stock analysis.
  4. Easy to use the app.
  5. Adding the price alerts so as not to miss any opportunity.
Download: IIFL Markets

#9) Trade Free- Kotak Stock Trader

  • Apart from trading, other services provided by the app are portfolio management, mutual funds, IPOs, Bonds, NCDs, and other systematic trading plans.
  • The most important feature is margin funding for online stock trading.
Video Source: https://youtu.be/rNDJQ0B1JOA

Key features of the app are:

  1. Placing orders in a few clicks.
  2. Tracking live market with the charting tools.
  3. Wide range of the entire asset class.
  4. Customized watch list with other follows scripts.
  5. Managing the entire portfolio with ease.
Download: Kotak Securities

#10) Axis Direct App

  • The app provides live streaming of all the prices of all the different assets, news updates, and much more.
  • The app is entirely loaded with technical and other analytical tools like charts, heatmaps, and technical indicators.

Key features of the app are:

  1. The app has high safety measures.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Trade-in both domestic as well as international markets.
  4. Completely free to use.
  5. A single click to check all your holdings, and portfolio, and track the day’s performance.
Download: Axis Direct

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Answer: A few factors like the app features, tools used, user reviews, rating, compatibility with the device, app speed and performance, and the overall user experience should be considered to choosing the best stock market app.
Answer: The best app is Kite by Zerodha as it is used by the majority of Indians and has over 10 million-plus downloads on the Google play store. The other apps to be considered are Upstox, angel broking, etc.
Answer: For investing in the share market, all you need is a bank account, trading account, a demat account, a PC or a mobile device, and a very good internet connection.
Answer: Yes, trading apps are safe but we need to be very cautious while sharing out information on the app as many times there are chances of loss of data.
Answer: The best app to track the market in India is Moenycontrol. This app provides us with real-time stock updates as well as all the latest market news.

The above is the list of all the trading apps with their features. We hope to have given you valuable knowledge about the same.

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