What are the Rules for Intraday Trading?

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What are the Rules for Intraday Trading?

What are the Rules for Intraday Trading? ( Pro’s Intraday Guide )

Are you an intraday trader?

Want to learn the rules for Intraday Trading?

So, in this article you will learn about “What are the Rules for Intraday Trading?”

You also in everything you start you need to know about their rules whether it is some kind of game or any business in order to win it.

So, likewise in intraday trading also you should know about the rules, they are not specifically rules but if you follow them correctly then you can make money in intraday trading.

Let’s discuss the rules for the intraday trading.

Rules for Intraday Trading

1. Choose that stocks in which you can afford to trade it that means you need to decide your capital allocation at the beginning and after that search for the trade.

2. You need to do the thorough or extensive research on the stocks a day before for the next day and to find out the stocks that you need to watch the next day as soon as the market opens up. For this purpose, you can also follow the news that is on companies specific like the quarterly results, dividends, mergers or any big event that will directly affect the company’s stock price.

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3. You always need to be sure about your entry point and also about your profit target in the first place. While, placing the order you need to punch this points and the most important for the intraday trader is to define their stop loss for every single trades as in the end this will only protect your losses.

4. Always plan your trades with the current market trend or situation. For an intraday trader it is necessary for them to follow the market trend and make decision according to that only. An intraday trader should trade on the opportunity or the trend market is showing to you. If the market is bullish then the trader should choose that stocks that are potential to move upward and vice versa for the bearish market condition.

5. You don’t need to trade on a daily basis but you need to gauge market daily and when you find the trade set-up is according to your strategy then only trade. But you need to make yourself learn on a daily basis. If there is no movement in the market then, don’t do any trading on that day. The main aim should be the rewards that you can also earn from one single trade but for that you will just need to put more efforts to find out that multi-bagger trade.

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6. You need to record all day’s profits and losses that will help you to know about the pointers where you made the decision wrong and this analysis will help you to make the correct decision later on as learning will make the trade decision more successful and less probable for the losses.

7. Stick to the news for knowing about the updates of the stock market. The main aim for the intraday trader is to select the best stocks for getting a favorable outcome from that decision.  Choose that stocks that are liquid in nature.

8. No Emotions should work when you are trading an intraday trader. Emotions may let you get more losses in the trades as in intraday trading you need to act according to the decisions rather than the emotions. Because wrong decisions let you suffer from large losses.

9. You need to make strategies in the intraday trading that will work for you in right. It means you need to make a set-up that will allow you the right entry point, stop loss and also about the right exit point.

10. Risk per trade should defined a day before the trading and keeping it in mind then you need to make decisions for the trading. This will help you to know the level losses you can make. If you lose all your capital in the trading then it is preferable for you to stop the trading for at least a year and for that time being just keep learning about your mistakes.

11. You need to make a systematic plan for trading. You can’t do trading just by waking up in morning and sitting in front of computer and do the trading without any study or analysis. This is not the system for trading but it is like a business you should work-ship this and do the proper analysis for the next day.

12. At last, you will just need to follow everything that is mentioned above with complete discipline and all these rules, habits, efforts and discipline will pay off in terms of multi-bagger profits. You can also read and learn from books, articles, magazines that has been written by and also written for them will make you learn and understand about the market conditions.


From this article on “What are the Rules for Intraday Trading?” we had specify all the rules that if you will work according to that you will surely get paid off one day. You just need to put all your efforts and work with discipline while placing an intraday orders. If you like this article you can share this with your mates and make them also understand the rules for intraday trading.

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