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Positional Trading Strategies & System

Why To Do Position Trading?

Trading Fuel which conducts Stock Market training courses(Position Trading Strategies & Day Trading System); took Initiative to provide Knowledgeable Positional Trading Information to the Traders.

Position Trading Benefits:

  • A good position trader takes his position in the market for few weeks or months.
  • A limit to the number of transaction reduces the brokerage, shipping and transaction taxes in the Position trading.
  • A positional trader is Successful even with the low rate of success (30-35%)
  • A Position trader’s profits are into short term capital gains, and are taxed positively.
  • A position trader does not need to close his position by the end of the day , so he is able to use the market trends and can get higher returns without adding to the cost of the brokerage and transaction taxes.
  • A position trader gives good competition to mutual funds and hedgers. Mutual funds Investors also don’t buy and sell their portfolios on daily basis and have limited competition. Hedger generally takes their position to protect their business and do not trade to earn profits.
  • A position trader have to incur very low data cost.
  • A position trader keeps his positions small and moves in order to limit the overnight market risk.
  • A Position trader can use trading systems to make plans when the market is closed and place his orders.
  • A Position trader do not uses monitoring system for positions during market hours; hence the trader can use his time more productively during the day time.
  • A Position trader use trading systems to trade in order to have little or no stress.

Lastly the Position trading with a good trading system and Best strategies is like a game which the traders can win. But before stepping into this business, the trader needs to learn the right trading skills.

If you are ready to get training for the Trading system and want to become Professional trader. Then, Step into Trading Fuel and learn the skills.


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