7 Benefits of Long-Term Investment

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7 Benefits of Long Term Investment

Here are numerous benefits of long-term investment. Long-term investment in the stock market can yield good returns. The strategy of long-term investment involves making a diversified portfolio of stocks. Long-term investments require a lot of patience. However, the result of patience is in the form of high returns. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that investing for the long term in stock markets is the wisest thing to do.

Long-Term Investment Option In India

The benefit of long-term investment is not only to help the investor in making money but also in putting their savings in the right direction. Such investments are income for the future. They provide the freedom to an individual to live life without any financial worries. They provide an individual with financial independence which is very important at a later stage of life. Thus, there are several benefits that are associated with long-term investment. In this article, we shall look at a few of the benefits of long-term investment.

Benefits of Long-Term Investment:

1. Better Returns

It is a well-known fact that long-term investments give good returns. If any comparisons are made with short-term invest, long-term invest will be a better choice by a big margin. To put in another way, long-term invest give the invested money the necessary time to multiply itself. Also, with long-term invest, the investors have the opportunity of participating in the upward journey of the stock. Short-term investors often miss such journeys and they have no option but to regret.

 2. Lower Taxes

Another benefit of long-term investment is lower taxes. An investor who sells stocks after holding for more than 12 months will have to pay lesser taxes. The tax rate is nil to low on long-term capital gain on stock markets. But the tax rates on short-term capital gain are higher. Therefore, to avail the benefit of a lower tax bracket on the gains made in the stock market, long-term invest is the right choice.

3. Overcome Volatility

It is not a hidden fact that stock markets are volatile. Often, such volatility traps the investors leading to huge losses. To overcome such losses, long-term investment is the best solution. Long-term invest saves investors from taking hasty decisions during any panic in the markets. This protects the buyer from incurring unnecessary losses due to extreme volatility in the market. To conclude, long-term invest saves investors from the knee-jerk reaction of the markets to any news or due to any other reasons.

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4. Lower Transaction Cost

The cost of the transaction is lower in long-term investments. Short-term transactions involve multiple transactions, leading to higher brokerage and compliance costs. Also, short-term invest gains are often nullified by the high transaction cost. On the other hand, long-term invest have a minimum number of transactions. This makes the transaction cost very low. Therefore, in long-term investment higher gains can be made even at a lower transaction cost.

5. Power of Compounding In Long Term Investment

Many people are often complaining that long-term investments take a long time to make money in the stock markets. But, one needs to understand that money can not be earned immediately in any field or sector. If long-term charts of the markets or stocks are looked into, the results are astonishing. The stocks multiply up to 100 to 500 % or more in the long-term horizon. To put it another way, the stock market has the power of compounding. It encourages the investor to invest for a longer-term horizon where the portfolio value can grow consistently over the years.

6. Convenience

Making a long-term investment portfolio is very convenient.  It takes a lesser amount of time for its creation. The management and evaluation are also relatively easier. Long-term investors need not worry about the effects of regular volatile movements of the markets. Instead, they can just relax and monitor the portfolio on a timely basis. To conclude, the major difference between a long-term and short-term investor is that, the long-term investor is proactive while on the other hand, the short-term investor is reactive.

7. Learn and Recover From Mistakes

The chances of earning high returns are there in long-term investments because it gives the investor the time to learn and recover from mistakes.  A bad investment decision can be rectified by withdrawing money from that investment and putting it in the right stock. Continuing monitoring of the portfolio will make the investor realize what better things can be done to make the portfolio attractive. Therefore, long-term investments provide multiple opportunities for an investor to make higher returns in the markets by correcting mistakes.


The investments held for a longer term horizon will give much more returns than those held for a shorter term. These are just a few of the benefits of long-term investments. If these are not enough to convince you, read ahead some famous quotes of Warren Buffet.

These quotes clearly convey his investment horizon. He is an advocate of long-term investing. Long-term invest can yield high returns if they are done systematically. So start long-term investing to reap long-term benefits.

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