How to get Profit in Intraday?

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How to get Profit in Intraday?

How to get Profit in Intraday? – ( Beginner’s Guide )

Intraday Trading are most chosen trading in currently period, am I right?

As people want to earn income in a short-term period and that’s why they opt for intraday trading.

But just as income you can generate from this is not that easy as it seems.

This thing of any trading or any of the business when you start at in the beginning there are many uncertainties and for that you need to prepare at the start when you are in the planning procedure.

So, let us learn more about “How to get Profit in Intraday?”

As I said, it seems to be easier but actually it is not as in this you need to put more efforts that‘s the important tool for the intraday trading or any of the trading.

Look, when you invest in the stock market by using fundamental analysis then you need to look about the margin of safety and also to consider many of the researches.

But, in intraday trading the game is different and in that you need to give some of your precious and valuable time at the start and that too rigorously about getting the knowledge of the market conditions and many more aspects are considered on this.

There is the possibility and this happens every time that not every trade brings you profit some also brings you losses but the ultimate learnings is that the ratio should be more on the profitable side as in that you need to make decision in that way that will end up making you some profits.

The main and important part of intraday trading is all about the risk management.

And it is also observed that, most of the intraday traders lose their money in the intraday when they do not manage risk actively or do not know about their risk taking ability.

Off course, that higher returns are the rewards that carry risk as well.

So, before taking the decision for intraday trading you need to first figure out whether you can take the risk that is associated with intraday trading.

Intraday trading also offers great margins but consequently on other hand it also makes you more risky as if the decision will go wrong then you need up to make huge losses in the trades.

There is no formula or any secrets to make profit in the intraday trading, but there are some important points that every intraday trader should know about.

Through this article on “How to get Profit in Intraday?” you need to understand these pointers as this will in the end help you to make profits in the intraday.

How to Get Profit in Intraday?

Let us see about the important pointers that every intraday trader should know about.

Starting with,

1. As an intraday trader, beginning with you should know about the complete knowledge for intraday and everything that resolves around intraday. As in the terminology used to punch the orders and about the usage of margins and also the risk part.

2. Define your capital allocation every time before placing the orders for the transaction and this will help you to manage the capital allocation part.

3. The most important weapon that will help you the victory to earn the profits is using the “Stop Loss” while every time punching the orders as this will act as a safeguard and also helps to reduces the losses and you can also revise this as per the movements.

4. Always follow the market trend and keep a close eye on the stock market momentum. Don’t get panic if the decisions seems to be in wrong direction and watch sometimes carefully about the direction and move your positions in to some other stocks and apply the learnings about the direction in this.

5. Forget the “Greed and Fear” factor in intraday trading as this will end in making losses. You need to make yourself understand one thing that don’t just concentrate on profits but rather than just concentrate the learnings and apply the same strategies in the practical and after learning from every wrong decision you will end up making profits.

6. While punching the orders first there is necessity to punch the stop and also you need to punch your targets or profits. As soon as you reach to the target, you need to get exit the positions from the market.

7. Learn about the strategies that works for intraday trading and if you want to learn some then you can check on this also Intraday Trading Strategies this will also help you to make you learn about new things. As every things need to update in the market and so as the strategies too.

8. Try to set up a daily routine with plans and execute daily on the same things. This plan should include about reading, learning and practicing about the stock market. This will help the trader to work without having any mental stress.

9. As a beginner trader in the intraday trading, you need to keep the calculation for rewards to risk around 3:1 minimum. This will help them to do the safe trading with minimum risk and decent profits.

10. Do go for every trades in the day, just choose the stocks depending on the strategies you had work upon and that results in making you some profits. Now, that your experience will start working focus on reducing the losses and increment on the profits for every transaction you do in the intraday trading.

11. Now, that you read about all the pointers discussed above just follow all these pointers with discipline and this will end up making profits in the intraday trading.


We are just concluding our topic on “How to get Profit in Intraday?” and from this we will also recommend is to keep half of your capital with you as a backup reserve in intraday trading and traders should always use the 50% of the capital. In the end intraday trading is about doing trading on a daily basis and to get profits from them with wise decisions.

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