How to Find Best Intraday Stocks?

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How to Find Best Intraday Stocks?

7 Best Rules to Find Intraday Stocks (Beginner’s Guide) :

So, are you an intraday trader?

Want to know more about the intraday trading?

Do you also have this question in your mind that which stock will be best for intraday trading?

There might a lot questions in your head regarding intraday trading, am I right?

At some point there might be another thought in your mind that it is the appropriate exit point or should I stay for time being?

These all the questions will be answered from this article that is based on “How to Find Best Intraday Stocks?

Now let us first start with getting some basic information about intraday trading.

What is Intraday Trading?

Intraday Trading defines about the position that is taken on any of the specific securities when the market opens and the same position is squared off before the market closes down.

This is also known as “Day Trading” as the positions are taken just for a day and these shares bought in intraday trading are not transferred in the demat account but they are visible to the trading account.

For intraday trading, you need to know about your risk appetite and getting the proper knowledge about the rewards and risks.

The trader needs to be a regular learner in the market and also they need to practice more and to develop strategies that will help to make them money.

For the intraday trader, the difficult part is to select the stocks for the trading that will make them profitable and for that the trader need to be very careful by making the decisions and this is the first part of risk that is associated with intraday trading.

So, the trader needs to look after several pointers and to follow them like a habit then only he will make the correct decision in trading.

Let us observe the important pointers for intraday traders.

Top 7 Important Routine to be followed by Intraday Trader

1. To Find the Liquid Stocks

Liquidity is the most significant intraday trading tip whereas selecting the correct stocks to trade throughout the day.

Liquid stocks have vast trading volumes whereby larger quantities may be purchased and sold while not considerably affecting the worth.

Generally, lesser liquid stocks don’t offer traders the chance to buy and sell larger quantities because of lack of too much of availability buyers.

Some traders could argue that illiquid stocks provide larger opportunities with fast increment in the value modifications.

However, statistics show that volatile stocks show bigger movements in a very short amount of your time.

Thus, most of the attainable gains dissipate whereas the draw back risk still looms. 

Yet, the liquidity of the stocks depends on the standard of the trades placed by the traders.

2. Follow the Market Closely

One of the foremost necessary intraday trading pointers is to recollect that moving with the trend is often helpful. 

Throughout a pitched battle within the stock exchange, traders should try and determine stocks which will probably arise.

On the opposite hand, throughout the bear run, finding stocks that are possible to decline is appropriate.

3. Do Proper Analysis for Picking the Stocks

Undertaking quality analysis is one and among the foremost important intraday tips that traders should bear in mind. 

Sadly, most day traders avoid this doing their analysis. 

Distinguishing the index and then finding sectors that are of interest or can be used for trading is suggested. 

Following step is to form the list of many stocks with these sectors.

 Traders needn’t essentially embody sector leaders, however rather determine stocks that are liquid.

Technical analysis and decisive the support and resistance levels at the side of learning the basics of those stocks can facilitate traders notice the correct stocks to profit through intraday/day trading.

4. Do Not Do Trading in Volatile Stocks

It is usually detected that the low daily volume of listed stocks or those where some vast news is predicted then the stocks can move in the haphazard approach.

Sometimes, the stock could show volatility even when the announcement of the massive news.

Traders are suggested to avoid intraday trading in such stocks as the volatile stocks can end up making a huge losses with the unpredictable decision.

5. Choose the Stocks That are Correlated

An intraday trading important point is for selecting the correct stock is by choosing those stocks who have a better correlation with major sectors and indices. 

This suggests once the index or the sectors sees an upward movement, the stock value conjointly will increase.

Stocks that move in line with the sentiment of the cluster are reliable and infrequently follow the expected movement of the sector.

6. To Trade with High Volume Stocks

Choose Intraday stocks that have high trading volumes so that both the buyer and the seller will not find any difficulties when they trade off their positions.

The volume of the stocks states about the number of times a stock is bought or sold in a certain time period.

So, it is advisable to do the intraday trading in the high volume stocks.

7. To Set-up Strategies and Make a Plan

Once, you got the experience in the intraday trading then after that you will need to give more time to learn about the strategies and then after make your own strategies from the learnings that will work in favor of you and give you some profitable trades.

Learn, Best Day Trading Strategies

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Everything happens when there is a certain plan so, it is expected for the trader to make a plan and work on it daily. According to the execution, you need to make your plan for the improvement and it will lead you to make a professional trader.


So, from this article on “How to Find Best Intraday Stocks?” represents about the top 7 important pointers that the traders should know about the intraday trading and should do the trading likewise in this pattern only. Hope that you like our article and you can also share this with your mates.

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