How to Choose the Best Mutual Fund?

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How to Choose the Best Mutual Fund?

How to Choose Best Mutual Fund? Its very big question for Investment. If you are planning to invest in a mutual fund, this information is just right for you. Choosing the best mutual fund plays a significant role in determining your gain. Especially, if you are planning for a long term investment with this tool, picking the best is essential. Learn the selection process for learning which fund is the right for you.

Mutual Fund is grown into a full-fledged investment industry worldwide. It allows the small investors to invest systematically through an Asset Management Company. The process occupies less time and fewer efforts for the investors. But a careful planning makes a lot of difference. Though you can never be 100% sure, selection of the best fund will save you from losing. Selecting the most suitable mutual fund requires a simple exercise. The ideas shared here should solve the most common pre-investment queries.

How to Choose Best Mutual Fund Steps-by-Step

Your best mutual fund is the one that is most suitable to your goals. The here shared information will help you in handling mutual fund investments in a smart way.

#1 Set your Goals

The first and first thing you need to do is decide your goal. Are you planning for a long term investment or investing for short-term gain.

#2 Identify Risk Tolerance Level

How much loss can you bear? Would you go for high risk or opt for a smaller risk. Deciding your portfolio using these tips will help you to select your best mutual fund.

#3 Use Past Performances & Rankings of Schemes

Relying on your money manager’s performance is good but not sufficient. Do your own research on the company’s past performance. However, you may not find consistency in the rankings and performances. But it is advisable to check returns of past 3 to 5 years. You will learn what the consistency of the scheme’s performance is. Better stay away from highly inconsistent schemes.

#4 Cost of the Mutual Fund

Know how much your cost in the amount you are investing is. The leading investors suggest the expense ratio should not exceed 1.5%. Checking all types of fees on mutual funds is highly recommended. Not all the mutual funds are no-load funds. Learn the sum of all your cost before investing. Get information on the exit load of the scheme, if it has any. Not checking the exit load land you in big loss.

#5 Know your Manager

Get maximum information about your portfolio manager. Check how they have performed in past. A decent track record is important when you are going to invest with bigger risk. Learn how the manager performed when the market was really smooth and favorable. If the result is positive, you may rely on the manager. If the performance shows loss even when the market trends were positive, you need to be alert.

The information is here is all about choosing the right mutual fund. But overall, diversification of the portfolio is the best thing to do. Putting all your money in a single mutual fund means increasing your risk. We welcome your suggestions regarding selection of the best mutual fund.

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