How to Become Mutual Fund Agent?

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How to Become Mutual Fund Agent?

We all know that mutual fund is the most favorite investment options for most of the investors or the traders.

So now we all that in our country there is the large number of the population resides and we are in the phase where the majority of the population are in young age and employment opportunity will increase in future.

For them, there is another lucrative opportunity that will make them to earn money.

And that is to become the Mutual Fund Agent.

If you have the interest in the financial world then you see this another option for you and to earn from this.

So “How to become Mutual Fund Agent?” this is our article from this we will try to let you understand the process easily.

So, that you also get an alternative option in the finance world and from this also you can earn well.

So, let’s move directly the working of the Mutual Fund.

Do you know “What is Mutual Fund?”

Mutual Fund is the pool of the different asset or security type which is collectively handled by the active fund managers.

This is the fund that is collected by the different investor or traders who have the same investment interest and objective but there amount of the money in investment varies.

Then the fund manager actively allocates their money into the different securities of finance like equities, bonds, money markets and various different securities.

Each of the investors or the traders gets the units according to their amount invested into the securities.

This can also be a part-time job that will make money for you.

After the income that is generated from these funds will get allocated to the investors with the proportionate of their invested amount after deducting all the expenses applicable in it.

There are simple steps that you need to follow in order to become the mutual fund agent in India.

Steps are followed further:

Step: 1 Pass the NISM series V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors certification examination

Agents are the important player in promoting the sales of the mutual funds.

Being an agent of the mutual fund doesn’t require a lot of educational qualification.

After completing the 10th class and taking 3 years of diploma or completing 12th in any stream then you can make yourself to become the candidate of the exam conducted by the National Institute of Security Market (NISM).

But any person who qualifies the above mentioned category can register for NISM Series V-A, mutual fund distributor certification exam are qualified to become an agent of the mutual fund.

This exam just needs a significant amount of time and proper preparation else you can prove to be negative in the exams if the preparation is done correctly.

And after that you also need to complete your bachelor degree which can be anything like B.Com, B.Com Honors or which includes subject likes economics, accounting tax, finance or investment analysis.

Step: 2 Register with the AMFI through the CAMS office

After getting the clearance in the NISM series V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification exam now you are qualified for becoming an agent.

 After that, you will be required to fill in the know you distributor (KYD) details along with the biometrics and also fill the AMFI Registration form (ARN).

This application form contains the basic or personal details about the name, current address, qualifications, photograph all these you need to provide them.

Then after that, you need to submit the form to any of the CAMS offices.

While, when the process gets completed, then you get the ARN card within a few days at your current registered address.

Step: 3 Register with the Asset Management Company (AMC)

After getting yourself registered with the CAMS office and after assigned with the AMFI registration number (ARN) now you can freely distribute the mutual fund services.

After that, you also get the commissions on it.

Further, there is another small procedure before you start working on it.

You also need to register with each of the mutual fund houses and after that, you can receive the commissions, application form, marketing material and many more.

So, these were the three steps, you can become the mutual fund distributor and after that, you can start earning commissions on the whole procedure.

It will just take up to the month for the procedure.

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