How to Apply for IPO in Zerodha?

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How to Apply for IPO in Zerodha?

As you also know that most of the investors or the traders take part in the IPO nowadays.

As in the before article for IPO, I have discussed applying for the IPO online, so one of the parts of applying the IPO online is through the Zerodha application.

This is the online brokerage firm that provides the online services from which an individual can make their trades according to them.

This application is simple to use and for making the trades, as you can make the track of all your positions that you have taken.

And you can check the live market through the mobile application anytime and this can also work on laptops or computers.

For this purpose, you also need to first open the Demat account in the Zerodha application.

Zerodha is the discount broker and the whole process is quite simple that can be used by anybody around here.

You also need a UPI account after opening the Demat and the trading account.

Okay so now directly move ahead in our article on “How to Apply for IPO in Zerodha?”

How to Apply for IPO in Zerodha?

Step: 1 Login to the Zerodha Console.

Step: 2 On the top menu bar, go to the Portfolio section and then select IPO.

Step: 3 After selecting the IPO section, you will find the list of the active IPO’s.

Step: 4 Select the IPO that you wish to make the investment or trading upon from the list of the active IPO’s and click on the “Place Bid”.

Step: 5 Now you see a pop-up screen that will launch right with the IPO information. In that, you will get the details about the issue date, issue price, about the market lot, the minimum order quantity, etc.

Step: 6 After that, you need to enter the UPI ID and make sure that you update and choose the correct bank details and account.

Step: 7 Now, you can place your bid’s by entering the “Quantity” and the “Bid price”.

Note: The quantity you placed should be at least minimum order quantity and the “Bid price” should be ranged around the offer issue price.

Step: 8 After filling all the details that have been asked for, click on the “Checkbox” which means that you’ve read all the terms and conditions and you are now eligible for the UPI bidder as per the rules and regulations mentioned by the SEBI.

Step: 9 Now, again re-check all the details that you have filled and click on the “Submit” button.

Step: 10 Further, if you want to make any changes in the bidding price later, then simply click on the “Bid Details” on the same IPO page and afterwards you can make the change.

After that you have submitted the whole process, you will further get the request to complete the “UPI Mandate” on the application.

Sometimes it might take hours to get it complete, but don’t worry accept the request once it receives by you.

After the payment request is fulfilled, then the UPI application will block the IPO funds in your bank account till the further date of allotment.

You can also read our blog on “How to check the allotment status?”

You will also receive the message from the exchange once you are subscription is successfully placed.

Then only the amount will be deducted once you are allotted with the shares in the IPO.

Read the blog again and while reading open your Zerodha application on your device and follow the steps as it is mentioned above and still you are facing any problems then you can raise your doubts or queries using our email id.

For further any more assistance regarding opening the Demat account, you can also take a glance on our blog on “How to open Demat Account?”

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