Dolly Khanna Story, Portfolio and Net Worth

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Dolly Khanna Story, Portfolio and Net Worth

Dolly Khanna Story, Portfolio and Net Worth:

Dolly Khanna is one of the most renowned names in the Indian stock market. Dolly Khanna is one investor whom the market participants closely track and follow. The impressive stock picking has always lured the investors. The real brain behind Dolly Khanna’s multibagger portfolio is Rajiv Khanna.

The Chennai based investor was born and brought up in Chennai in a middle-class family. Rajiv Khanna was a bright student and graduated as a chemical engineer from IIT, Madras. Rajiv Khanna did not know about investments initially and kept money in fixed deposits. The real journey of Khanna’s started in 1995 when he had no clue where to invest money after selling his ice cream business to HUL. From there on he began to invest in the markets.

His investment journey is the initial years were a mixed bag. Some of his picks did well and some backfired. But the real success came when he decided to invest 5-7 lakhs into Unitech Ltd. This petty investment turned into gold when 5-7 lakhs turned into 25 crores. However, he lost 75% of his wealth in March 2009 and this was the time he decided it’s too much and sold his shares in the market. He recovered most of his losses when he again bought back his multi-bagger stocks at relatively lower prices.

Let us now look at the holdings of Dolly Khanna.

Dolly Khanna Portfolio

Stock NameHolders NameCurrent Price (Rs.)Quantity HeldHolding PercentHolding Value (Rs.)
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd.Dolly Khanna293.20Below 1% First Time
Nilkamal Ltd.Dolly Khanna1064.80Below 1% First Time
Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd.Dolly Khanna111.05191,315Filing Awaited
(1.07% in Dec 2019)
2.1 Cr
NOCIL Ltd.Dolly Khanna79.653,028,025Filing Awaited
(1.83% in Dec 2019)
24.1 Cr
Rain Industries Ltd.Dolly Khanna80.106,072,042Filing Awaited
(1.81% in Dec 2019)
48.6 Cr
Latest Updated List 2020

The above are the changes that Dolly Khanna made recently to his portfolio. She has a holding in multiple companies. Her portfolio is generally built with stocks that are undervalued and investment in them can give multibagger results. Her husband carries out in-depth research before putting money in any company. Because of his ability to identify hidden gems, investors look up to this portfolio before investing in the stock market.

Let us now learn about the net worth of Dolly Khanna

Net Worth

Dolly Khanna Net Worth
QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
Dec-15 106.38
Mar-16 103.98-2%
Jun-16 117.2512%
Sep-16 140.5319%
Dec-16 263.9987%
Mar-17 486.1884%
Jun-17 448.97-7%
Sep-17 509.1413%
Dec-17 860.4869%
Mar-18 787.86-8%
Jun-18 563.61-28%
Sep-18 465.21-17%
Dec-18 484.754%
Mar-19 268.85-44%
Jun-19 188.11-30%
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The above is the net worth of Dolly Khanna in detail. The current net worth is expected to be around Rs. 200 crores. The table above showcases the changes in the net worth of Dolly Khanna in the past few years. Rajiv Khanna is a believer in building a portfolio that is full of mid-caps and can give good returns. This is how the Khanna’s have built their empire.

Rajiv Khanna is a believer that the huge returns can be made in the stock market through deep research and some luck. Right knowledge and information are perfect ingredients for picking stocks. If you also want to learn about picking the right stocks through knowledge and information, you may visit Trading Fuel. We are the leader in providing stock market education in India. All the blogs and articles on our website are free of cost. Subscribe to our website and gain all the stock market information regularly.

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