Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Stock Market

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Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Stock Market

Raksha Bandhan : India celebrates some or the other festival almost every month of the year. One of them is Raksha Bandhan . It celebrates the love, bonding and affection between brothers and sisters. On this day, siblings pray for each other’s happiness. They pledge to take care of each other during any situation.

The stock market also runs on the same sentiments like that of Raksha Bandhan. There are many resemblances between Raksha Bandhan and stock markets. In this article, we will look at the similarities between the two.

Similarities between Raksha Bandhan and Stock Market:

  • Relationship :

Just like the relationship between a brother and sister, stocks have a strong relationship with the investors. The investors invest their money in the market hoping for good returns.Good investment decisions and regular monitoring of portfolio help him reap long term benefits. This makes their bond stronger. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of affection between a brother and sister. Whereas, stock markets is the celebration of affection between an investor and returns on his investments.

  • Taking Care :

The emphasis of Raksha Bandhan is on siblings taking care of each other during any adverse situation. On similar lines, the stock market requires the investor to take care of his investments. 

  • Monitoring :

During Raksha Bandhan, the brother promises his sister that he will continuously look after her at every step of life. Similarly, the stock market also requires such monitoring. The investor needs to continuously monitor his investments. And if the stocks are not performing according to his expectations, he needs to take necessary steps.

  • Co-Existence:

Just like a brother ensures that he will be available for his sister at any point in In the same manner, the stocks ensure that they will be available for the investors with higher returns after a certain span of time. The stock market investment enables the investors to grow financially. 

  • Protection :

Rakhi festival is not only about sharing of warmth between brother and sister. It is about the brother pledging to protect his sister against all sins and problems of the world. Just like that, stock investment protects the investor against all future financial crises. The returns on stock markets protect the investor from financial stress. It also helps him in leading a happy life after his retirement.

After reading the above points we can conclude that the Raksha Bandhan festival and investment in stock markets are very similar. The Rakhi festival is about the bonding and affection between a brother and a sister. While in the stock market, the relationship is between an investor and stock markets. In both the cases, if the relationship is maintained in a healthy way; there is prosperity and happiness.

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