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Best Screener for Indian Stocks

Screener play an important role in value investing in stock markets. The Indian stock markets have become a major investment avenue. In addition, after demonetization people have started to divert their savings into the stock market. Furthermore, the reason for higher attraction is very understandable i.e. the potential of stocks to generate higher returns. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the investors and traders are always looking at good stock investment opportunity.

In this article, we shall understand what does screener mean and few of the best screeners for the Indian stocks.

What is Screener?

A screener is a tool that identifies stocks based on the filters. The investors define the metrics to find the stocks for investment or trading. Therefore, if any stock fulfills the criteria laid down for the stocks, the investor can add the stock in the portfolio. The major function of the screener is to find stocks that are set to perform well over a period.

Best Screeners for Indian Stocks

  1. is the most popular screener in India. It helps the users to do stock analysis and check all the company related information on a single page. What makes it a good website is that it shows peer comparison, cash flows, financial statement, major announcements, etc. of the company over a period of years. Thus, one can see all the necessary details at a single place. Email alerts can also be set for different stocks. If a certain stock meets the pre-defined criteria users will be notified.

Screener Website
Image Captured from Screener Website

2. Stockflare

Stockflare provides information on different stock for self-directed investors. In fact, the information includes real-time pricing, closing price of the day, fundamentals and estimated price of a company in future, etc. In addition, the website provides data in the graphical form, making it easy to understand even for non-professionals. The website uses different metrics on the stock to determine whether they are good for investment or not.  Furthermore, the fundamental and technical analysis provided by the website help the investors to determine their future position in the stock.

Image Captured from Stockflare Website

3. MoneyWorks4Me

MoneyWorks4Me provides suggestions for stocks. In fact, it recommends the right stock for the investors by analysis the past 10 years performance and its long-term prospects. In addition, it helps the investor in making a balanced portfolio. To put it another way, it helps the investors to become a sensible investor. The website provides the investors the tip to make a portfolio by managing different risks like asset allocation risk, sectoral exposure, valuation risk, etc. In addition, the user can get the detailed information about the companies past performances and many more aspects.

Image Captured from MoneyWorks4Me Website

4. Capital Cube

Capital Cube is another popular researcher for stocks. Analytic Insight powers it. The website provides its research on more than 40,000 equity shares. In addition, Capital cube ensures that the investors invest lesser time on research and analysis of stock by suggesting them the stocks. In fact, the analysis of the stocks includes the study of past charts, fundamentals, dividend and equity quality, and much more. Therefore, if the investors intend to find good stocks for their portfolio, they can visit the website and check stock analysis.

Capital Cube
Image Captured from Capital Cube Website

5. Equity Boss

Equity Boss stock screener helps the investors to make quick financial decisions. The investors can pre-set their own criteria to find value stocks. In fact, the pre-set conditions can be laid for stocks of a particular sector. The website rates the stocks with different grades like excellent for potential out performer stocks, good for market performers and poor for under performers. Therefore, by carefully looking at the insights of stocks, the investors can arrive at a decision.

6. Edelweiss

Edelweiss is one of the topmost brokerage house in India. The investor can do the screening of the stock on their website. The investors can add their own criteria to screen the stocks. The filter uses the criteria given by the investors and suggests the stocks. In addition, the investors can select any stock from the list to know more details about the stock. Furthermore, the website provides fundamental analysis and other details of the company. Therefore, by checking the past performances and data, the investor can easily take an investment decision.

Image Captured from Edelweiss Website

The above are the few of the popular screeners for the Indian stocks. An investor can visit any of the above websites to seek the right knowledge about any stock before investing in them. In addition, the investors who like to keep themselves updated about their portfolio holdings can also regularly visit the above websites.

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