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Top 10 Best Monopoly Stocks in India: If we look at the Indian market, we will see that there are several industries that are working under the onus to develop and also contribute to the economy. Before knowing the companies that are a monopoly in the country, let us first understand the meaning of monopoly.

What is the meaning of “Monopoly”?

Monopoly is defined as the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in commodities and services.

Due to their major competitive advantage, monopoly stocks refer to the companies that are the true market leaders in their own specific industry.

Monopoly stocks in India are known as MOAT stocks of the company.

In a layman’s language, a MOAT is a hole that is built around castles.

In the business and corporate world, these MOATs are like barriers to the entry of huge capital, government restrictions, or business advantages that a company has made it hard to compete with.

Top 10 Best Monopoly Stocks in India:-

India is a very democratic country. This is the list of the monopolies in the Indian market:

No.Stock NameMarket Share
5Coal India82%
6Hindustan Zinc78%
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#1. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation)

IRCTC-100% (Monopoly Stocks in India)
  • The IRCTC was established on 27th September 1999.
  • The company was established as a public sector undertaking (PSU), wholly owned by the government through Indian Railways.
  • IRCTC offers services like selling tickets through both online and offline modes, selling packaged drinking water bottles under its own name, and providing other catering services to the Indian Railways.
  • It is also one of the largest railways in the world because only one train can use the rack at a given time.
  • Countries like the UK have planned to launch private companies to bid for the rail lines before this. Along with this, India has also announced similar decisions on opening the sector players for the same. 
Basic EPS8.30
Share Price on BSE625.70
Share Price on NSE626.05

#2. HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)

HAL-100% (Monopoly Stocks in India)
  • The HAL was established on 23rd December 1940 by Walchand Hirachand in Mysore.
  • The company plays a very major role in the entire defense sector.
  • The company was initiated with the aim of building aircraft in India.
  • Currently, the company is state-owned and is associated with designing, fabricating, and assembling jet engines, aircraft, helicopters, and their spare parts.
Basic EPS152.11
Share Price on BSE1859.00
Share Price on NSE1859.30

#3. BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited)

BHEL-100% (Monopoly Stocks in India)
  • Established in 1956 as Heavy Electricals (India) Limited, it was later merged with BHEL in 1974.
  • It is India’s largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in the energy as well as infrastructure segment.
  • Its services and products include power-thermal, hydra, gas, nuclear, and solar PV transmission.
  • The other services that BHEl provides are transportation, defense and aerospace, oil and gas, and water.
Basic EPS1.18
Share Price on BSE47.45
Share Price on NSE47.50

#4. Nestle

NESTLE-96.5% (Monopoly Stocks in India)
  • Nestle was set up in 1866 in Switzerland.
  • Nestle is the parent company of the top brands like kitkat, nestle coffee, nestle coffee gold, cerelac, milkybar, and munch.
  • The most popular Nestle brand is Maggie.
  • Nestle is enjoying a 95% share in the infant nutrition category and over 40% share in the noodle category.
  • The company has spent more than a century in the country over the years and is an undisputed leader in the baby food segment.
Basic EPS222.46
Share Price on BSE16,762.95
Share Price on NSE16765.60

#5. Coal India

Coal India-82% (Monopoly Stocks in India)
  • The company was incorporated in 1973 as Coal Mines Authority Limited.
  • Today, the company is owned by the Union Government and wholly managed by the coal ministry.
  • The primary consumers of this company are power and steel sector companies.
  • The company contributes up to a total of 82% of the total coal production.
  • Earlier this year, the government announced that the coal sector could open commercial mining, which will end its monopoly in the future.
Basic EPS18.18
Share Price on BSE190.10
Share Price on NSE190.05

#6. Hindustan Zinc

Hindustan Zinc-78%
  • Hindustan Zinc was established as a public sector undertaking on 10th January 1966.
  • The company is the second-largest zinc producer and holds a 78% market share in the country’s primary zinc industry.
  • Now, the company is a subsidiary of Vedanta Limited, which owns a 64.9% stake in the company, while the government holds only a minority stake of 29.5%.
Basic EPS22.79
Share Price on BSE281.30
Share Price on NSE280.90

#7. ITC (Indian Tobacco Company)

  •  The company was established in 1910 under the name of the Imperial Tobacco Company of India.
  •  It was later in 1970, that it was renamed Indian Tobacco Company.
  •  The cigarette business of the company holds a 77% market share.
  •  With the passage of time and technology up-gradation, the company has developed in those fields and is willing to develop products that match their consumer demands.
Basic EPS12.22
Share Price on BSE263.50
Share Price on NSE263.40

#8. Marico

Source: Trading Fuel
  • Marico was established on 13th October 1988 by Harsh Mariwala.
  • It is one of the best FMCG Company holding two major products like “Saffola” and “Parachute”.
  •  The two products “Saffola” which competes in the premium edible oil segment, constitute 73% of the market, and the other product “Parachute”, a normal hair oil brand holds a market share of 59%.
  •  They both together form 90% of the company’s total income.
Basic EPS9.02
Share Price on BSE494.80
Share Price on NSE495.00

#9. Pidilite

  • Pidilite was founded in 1959.
  • The company is mainly famous for adhesive and sealant products like Fevicol and M-seal.
  • The company also has a wide range of paint chemicals and construction products like Dr. Fixit, industrial adhesives, industrial and textile resins, and automotive chemicals.
  • They have a wide range of monopoly in the adhesive and chemical segment and forms a market share of around 70%.
Basic EPS24.96
Share Price on BSE2109.00
Share Price on NSE2112.65

#10. CONCOR (Container Corporation of India Limited)

  • Incorporated in 1988, CONCOR commenced its operations in November 1989.
  • It is also a public sector undertaking managed by the Indian Ministry of Railways.
  • The company’s primary aim was containerizing cargo transport in the country.
  • The company’s main products are cargo carriers, terminal operators, MMLP operations, and warehouse operators.
Basic EPS17.44
Share Price on BSE633.30
Share Price on NSE633.85


This entire blog has covered the top 10 best monopoly stocks in India. These stocks are sure-shot suitable for the long run and will provide good returns.

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