Latest MCX Holidays List 2020 (Commodity Trading Holiday):

Do you about the MCX?

MCX stands for Multi Commodity Exchange.

If no, then you can read our blog on “What is MCX India?”

If you are the trader or the investor in the commodity market then might know about the Multi Commodity Exchange is the exchange for the hard commodities.

It also trades on certain days and also have some holidays like the same that has for the stock exchange.

Trading and investing in the commodity market takes place on all the days except the weekends.

Through this article, you will get to know about the list of “MCX Holidays 2020”

In the MCX the market trading hours might change due to some special events for that you need to check on their website like in MCX for more details.

Let’s start with the timings of the trading segment in commodity exchange.

Current Market timings for the commodity segment in India are:

Trading Time for MCX Trading:

  • MCX Timings:

Monday to Friday at 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM or 11:55 PM*

  • Morning Sessions:

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • Evening Sessions:

5:00 PM to 11:00 PM or 11:55 PM*

*The evening session trading timings have being revised twice a year in order to comply with the US daylight saving timings.

You can check for the timings from the MCX website.

Usually the summer timings is 11:30 PM

For winter the timings is 11:55 PM.

Agri-commodities are available for futures trading till 5:00 PM.

Now let us see the list for the holidays of MCX trading in 2020

Multi Commodity Exchange | MCX Holidays List 2020

HolidaysDateDayMorning SessionEvening Session
New Year1, JanuaryWednesdayOpenClosed
Mahashivratri21, FebruaryFridayClosedOpen
Holi10, MarchTuesdayClosedOpen
Ram Navami2, AprilTuesdayClosedOpen
Mahavir Jayanti6, AprilMondayClosedOpen
Good Friday10, AprilFridayClosedClosed
Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti14, AprilTuesdayClosedOpen
Maharashtra Day1, MayFridayClosedOpen
Id-Ul-Fitr25, MayMondayClosedOpen
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti2, OctoberFridayClosedOpen
Diwali Balipratipada16, NovemberMondayClosedOpen
Gurunanak Jayanti30, NovemberMondayClosedOpen
Christmas25, DecemberFridayClosedClosed
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Public MCX Holidays on Weekends for 2020:

HolidaysDateDayMorning SessionEvening Session
Republic Day26, JanuarySaturdayClosedClosed
Bakri Id1, AugustSaturdayClosedClosed
Independence Day15, AugustSaturdayClosedClosed
Ganesh Chaturthi22, AugustSaturdayClosedClosed
Moharram30, AugustSundayClosedClosed
Dassera25, OctoberSundayClosedClosed
Diwali-Laxmi Pujan14, NovemberSaturdayClosedClosed
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Note: For Diwali-Laxmi Pujan, the futures contracts are available for the Muhurat Trading in the MCX.

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